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Xavier & Zowine: Having It All in Sag Harbor

You come to the East End, a.k.a. “the beach,” to get away from it all, to unwind, relax and live the good life. I’m with you; this epicure lives in Sag Harbor Village year-round. But if you’re a city dweller during the week or you’re someone who’s traveled extensively, you may long for a touch of urbanity, even when you’re “roughing it” out here.

Suffolk County produces some of the best produce and seafood in the world. More and more of our local restaurants are taking full advantage of this happy fact. Citarella opened a new, big store in Southampton Village two months ago that brings big-city gourmet food to the East End on a new scale.

But what about our most basic need? Of course I’m talking about beauty. It may be skin deep but it’s the fraction of an inch that can count the most. No, I’m not being all “plastic,” I view high quality salon services both as therapy and as the most basic form of self-expression. If one is “only as old as you feel,” well, I feel a whole lot younger—and better—after some quality salon time. Honestly, I’m something of a “cave woman”—I’m not into makeup or fussiness in any form. I look for the highest quality haircare, facials and nailcare and then “forgettaboutit.” This beauty regime requires top professionals.

I’ve been jumping around to have the very best pedicures from John Dillon in Southampton to Bridgehampton for haircare with Marc Zowine. Zowine is the celebrity hair stylist and colorist who’s prettied up the likes of Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Mariska Hargitay—he does nicely for moi. I love that I stand up to allow him to cut my hair—like the sculptor is he. I heart his unique approach to chunky “summer highlights!”

Now, like a very lucky urbanite, I can get much of my beauty boost in ONE pace—the Salon Xavier on Bay Street in Sag Harbor. I can walk there from home! Zowine has partnered with fellow celeb hairstylist, salon owner Xavier Merat. Merat’s clients include nail color entrepreneur Essie Weingarten. Now that’s one discerning customer!

How are these two handsome pros getting along? In Zowine’s word, “love, love.”

Of course the salon itself is gorgeous with its exposed brick and old-school wood beams and floors. Check out their (rotating) show of local art on the walls.

So my head is covered. What about my feet? I’ve met countless people at parties who expound on how “you can’t get a good pedicure in America.” I have for years at the John Dillon Salon in Southampton, but recently Dorata Watrobski has had the pleasure of primping and painting my bulbous little toes at Xavier. This organic pedicure expert is from Poland, so, yes, she’s even European! She’s gentle but firm and has the best, no-nonsense attitude—and my toes sparkle!

I’ve booked all of my summer beauty appointments. What are you waiting for?

Salon Xavier, 1 Bay Street, Sag Harbor, 631-725-6400,

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