Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Synchronicity

A butterfly flaps its wings in Japan...
A butterfly flaps its wings in Japan... Photos: bymandesigns, Natasha_Haggard/iStock/Thinkstock

The word “synchronicity” is derived from the Greek syn, meaning “together,” and chronos, meaning “time.” The pioneering psychologist Carl Jung’s Theory of Synchronicity postulated that things that occur at the same moment have a relationship of significance, if not of actual causality. This prescient theory predates Benoit Mandelbrot’s Chaos Theory, which can now prove scientifically that a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan has a measurable and predictable effect on the weather in San Francisco.

We have been told that “we are all connected” by everyone from the founders of religions to Albert Einstein, and even by many modern advertising campaigns. However, nothing compares to the wonder and excitement of seeing this fact in action and actually experiencing synchronicity in one’s life.

There are as many ways to experience these “meaningful coincidences” as there are people in the world. Some individuals see them as mere chance. To others, they are tangible proof of the Great Spirit that animates all things.

Turning for inspiration and guidance to an oracle like the tarot, i-ching and other divination systems is just like looking for information on the internet. There is an almost infinite amount out there for us to access, but it is only helpful if we can correctly interpret it. Consulting an oracle regularly creates a ritual space in our lives to restore our connection with the quiet voice of our higher minds and benefit from its wise guidance.

This oasis of calm in the midst of our hectic modern existence helps us tune into the synchronicity that gives our lives meaning.

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