Maserati Madness: Ugliness in Hamptons Traffic

Poor driving decisions are par for the course, even if you have a Maserati, in the Hamptons, Photo: Tina Guiomar

This is addressed to the woman in the white Maserati sedan who was making a left turn while heading toward town on North Main Street in East Hampton just after passing under the railroad trestle.

As for you, dear reader, I don’t have to tell you that the traffic this summer in the Hamptons has been the worst ever.

Okay, back to that woman.

I was heading the other way down North Main Street, away from town and toward the railroad trestle, and anybody could see, including you, that if you made that left turn you would be behind a car in front of you that had just made that turn but had stopped behind another stopped car, and this would result in your entire Maserati sticking out and completely blocking my lane and preventing anyone from proceeding down that lane and under the bridge.

But you made it anyway.

This little maneuver resulted in you being at a dead stop behind the car at a dead stop, me being at a dead stop, and the car blocking the car in front of you also being at a dead stop, because it was blocked by a car facing me.

We are talking about a perfect triangle of stopped cars.

At this point, I was looking directly into your window and so could see you there in your big white hat behind the wheel of your Maserati, banging on your steering wheel to get everybody to move. This neither accomplished anything nor impressed anybody.

Obviously, it is now much later, very much later, that I am writing this.

I don’t ever want to go through this again.

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