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Paul McCartney and Johnny Depp Play in Epic Blues Jam

Amagansett resident and legendary rocker Paul McCartney shared an exclusive behind-the-scenes video on his website ( Friday featuring an epic jam session with a group of blues guitarists, including his pal Johnny Depp.

The boisterous jam was filmed on the set for McCartney’s “Early Days” video, which debuted earlier this summer. The official “Early Days” video—about two musicians in the American South during the 1950s—ends with McCartney playing with Depp and the blues guitarists, and the video released Friday, directed by Vincent Haycock, shows the impromptu session that broke out between the former Beatle and his fellow musicians on the day of the shoot. They are clearly having a lot of fun in what can only be described as a celebration of music and a joyful exchange between people who are doing what they love, and what they do best.

Along with McCartney and Depp, the jam session includes Dale AtkinsRoy Gaines, Henree Harris, Misha Lindes, Motown MauriceLil Poochie and Al Williams.

An official Making of Early Days film will be released later this year as part of a special collector’s edition of McCartney’s NEW album (originally released in October 2013). The record’s collector’s edition will include highlights and exclusive material chronicling the release and promotion of NEW. McCartney will share more details about the upcoming release over the next few weeks.

Watch the video below!

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