Stylin’ at John Dillon Salon in Southampton

John Dillon Salon on Hill Street in Southampton Village.
John Dillon Salon on Hill Street in Southampton Village. Photo credit: Stephanie de Troy

At the height of summer, hair can fall by the wayside. By Labor Day, we’re all ready for a “back-to-school” haircut, no matter how many years we’ve been out of school.

Not one for the blow dryer or curling iron, I went into John Dillon Salon with hopes of a low-maintenance haircut. My second priority was to do something about my bangs, which are in the early stages of being grown out and, as anyone who’s been there knows, it’s a dreadful situation. The side-part bobby-pin look was wearing on me.

The haircut at John Dillon Salon proved to be more than satisfactory, solving both bang and grooming woes, and the relaxing, clean and light-filled environment in the salon was therapeutic for my Southampton summer traffic-frayed nerves. My appointment was early on a Saturday morning, right before I was due at work on Jobs Lane. The salon’s Hill Street location (right across from the movie theater) is ideal—with ample parking right out front. I was welcomed with a warm smile and was led from the front lounge area, where I would have gladly waited, promptly to the back where I was offered my choice of hot beverage (I went with coffee) and introduced to Nadine, who would be doing my hair.

Is there anything better than having your hair washed? Head tilted back into the sink (which was actually comfortable, unlike many others), my locks were lathered with a gentle volumizing shampoo and conditioner (ends only) and rinsed with warm water of a just-right nozzle pressure. I shut my eyes and enjoyed every second of it.

While Nadine went to work angling my bangs and trimming the ends, I noticed the height of the ceilings and size of the space—all of which contribute to an open-air, Zen-like feeling. The modern design of the interior lends a calming coolness that seems appropriate in a place where heat comes blasting out of high-tech hairdryers. Clean and bright, the salon isn’t without a homey comfort—perhaps due to the lighting, magazines and friendly staff.

Nadine and I chatted about our summers and before I knew it the haircut was complete. Thrilled with the outcome, I spun out the door and off to work, with an extra bounce in my step—and hair, too.

The salon offers more than hair services, although they do offer smoothing systems, coloring, highlights and more. They will have you looking and feeling your best from head to toe with mani-pedis, waxing, massages, facials and make-up application. I plan to go back for an “Age-Smart” facial—which comes with microdermabrasion, L.E.D. light therapy and a gentle face, neck and shoulder massage. Sounds heavenly!

John Dillon Salon is located at 16 Hill Street, Southampton. Call 631-283-8383 to book your appointment and  visit for a complete listing of treatments and services. 

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