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Revenge Top 5: Crossovers We’d Love to See

We love the depraved characters who populate Revenge, but wouldn’t it be fun to see a few characters from other television shows visit the faux-Hamptons, just to shake things up? Remember when Scooby Doo met Batman and Robin? Or when Mork enjoyed a date with Laverne and met the Fonz in his show’s first episode? How about when the Power Rangers met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Or when ALF awoke on Gilligan’s Island? Crossovers equal television gold every time.

Here’s who we came up with…

1. Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
In many ways, all modern TV heroines are modeled after Buffy. A strong, smart young woman who can kick butt and look beautiful doing it, Buffy could give Emily a run for her money. The young slayer could show Emily it’s okay to accept help from others (think Willow, Xander, Angel), something Em struggles with, and knock some sense into Charlotte. She does have experience with annoying little sisters, after all…

2. Alexis Carrington, Dynasty
Revenge has always been compared to the glamour soaps of the ’80s, and Victoria reminds us of the grande dame herself, Alexis Carrington, who made her fabulous entrance into the courtroom at the end of Dynasty’s first season. Like Victoria, Alexis spent time in a loveless marriage and made life hell for anyone who crossed her. Plus, she’s Joan Collins! Why hasn’t she been on the show already? Imagine tea time with Victoria and Alexis…

3. Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood
This dashing, bisexual, immortal crime fighter would be a great love interest for Nolan, who needs to be swept off his feet by someone who isn’t boring or out of their mind. And as an unabashed geek, Nolan would totally flip over all of Jack’s time travel trinkets. Maybe they could go back in time and stop the Graysons from ever framing David in the first place!

4. Don Draper, Mad Men
He may exist in the 1960s, but this Madison Avenue bigwig would do well mingling with the faux-Hamptonites. Victoria needs a new romance—David’s too unstable and not wealthy enough—and Don’s casual misogyny and sexy smile would be right up Vic’s alley. Plus, he’s had his share of secret pasts and identities, so Emily could use that to her advantage. And he lives just 100 miles—and 50 years—away.

5. Sam Malone, Cheers
Since Jack is off playing cop and not interested in the Stowaway anymore, everyone’s favorite sarcastic bar owner should move to Montauk and open up a new pub. And instead of Diane as his romantic interest/adversary, bring back Stevie as his business partner and have them go back and forth. Gail O’Grady, who plays Stevie, and Ted Danson have already shared some screen time in an episode of Cheers, so it’s not even much of a stretch.

Which television characters would you like to see visit Revenge? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and in the comments below!

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