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With so much going on in one’s life, it’s hard to stay focused on being organized. But when you don’t make it part of your lifestyle, things get chaotic. Rooms become filled with things that don’t belong, drawers are stuffed to the max, bedrooms have clothes all over the place, you can’t find anything in your closet, those never ending to-do lists fry your brain and your garage can’t even hold a car anymore with all the stuff thrown into it.

Disorganization and clutter are not good for the mind, but the good news is you can learn how to live an organized life. We admire organized people, but most don’t think it’s attainable. I can assure you, if you utilize the tips below you are off to a great start!

Good luck on your organizing journey!


I have a hard time throwing things away. How do I get better at getting rid of things? 

De-cluttering and getting organized is a very personal and sometimes emotional process. Try your best to separate emotions from possessions. Determine what is truly valuable to you and save those items. (Do not feel pressured to get rid of everything at once.)

How do I start this process? It seems so daunting. 

Getting organized is definitely a process that takes time. One of the things I do as an organizer is help people get through each step stress free. If you do not have an organizer with you, I suggest you start by separating everything into three piles—keep, trash, and donate/sell.

The “I’ll put it here for now” phrase. 

Everyone has said this phrase, and as good as it sounds at the time, it is one of the worst phrases ever. Chances are if you put something in an area temporarily to take care of it later, you probably won’t do anything with it for a long time. I strongly encourage you to take care of it in that moment. Otherwise, piles will start to form and then clutter, and then you become overwhelmed.

I feel like my house is scattered all over the place. There is stuff everywhere—in every room, closet, drawer, shelf, nook and cranny. How can I stop this? 

Every room in your home has a purpose. Everything in each room should go hand-in-hand with that purpose. For example, a garage is meant to hold your cars—not junk. Your bedroom is meant to hold your clothes. When you are putting something away, always remember to put it in the room where it’s supposed to go.

What is the cause of my home becoming cluttered and how do I start changing that pattern?

Our society likes “stuff” and we tend to feel like we need to constantly buy things and fill every space in our home with something. Your home should only be filled with things that hold value to you, or add beauty to your home. A great tip to start changing the pattern of clutter is the “In and Out Rule.” If you go out to buy something it should be because you need to replace something. Try not to have duplicates of things. If you are out getting a new pot, then it should be because your current pot is old and worn. If you constantly replace the item, your home will never be cluttered.

Christina Giaquinto is the founder of perfectlyorganizedliving.com.

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