Top 5 Probable Deaths on the Revenge Midseason Finale

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Nolan knows who dies, Photo: ABC/Tony Rivetti, Oliver Peterson

On Sunday, December 7, ABC airs its Revenge midseason finale, ominously titled “Atonement.” Since nobody on this show has ever atoned for their heinous actions, we’re guessing they’re going for irony. The show is also teasing another major character death, so we’ve listed our top 5 probable deaths.

Ben: We’re not 100 percent sure this counts as a “major” character death, but this annoying cop has been sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong since the season premiere, attempting to become a detective and romance Emily, but failing at everything.
Why he could die: Ben is not the sharpest tack, but what if he learns the truth about Kate’s connection to Malcolm Black and gets offed before getting the chance to tell anyone? Also, he likes Emily, which automatically paints a target on his back.
Death Scale: Medium. Characters like Ben rarely last, but they do seem to be building him up to be a potential love for Emily.

Nolan: Aside from buying a country club in a nondescript location, Nolan hasn’t had a whole lot to do this season. His reunion with David hit him hard (literally) and he’s been getting progressively less patient with Emily’s hacking orders.
Why he could die: If Nolan’s hacking gets him in hot water with the authorities (or villains), he could find himself in grave danger. Also, he’s become friendly with Louise, who, as we’ve seen, is bonkers.
Death Scale: Very low. He’s essentially the most beloved character on the show, and the writers would be in a bind without a character like him to lighten the mood.

Daniel: The Graysons are a fallen family, and Daniel has stated he wants nothing to do with what’s left of them. But he remains as impulsive and reckless as ever, sleeping with Louise and betraying Margaux.
Why he could die: Well, he scorned Louise, which wasn’t smart, and he’s a Grayson, which puts him in danger by default. And his death would give Victoria even more fuel for her crazy schemes.
Death Scale: Low. Daniel is much more interesting than he used to be, and his frenemyship with Emily is the most refreshing thing on the show this year.

Margaux: The fabulous French media mogul was burned one too many times by Daniel and finds herself in a bind, now that she’s pregnant.
Why she could die: Margaux already almost died once this season after Louise trapped her in the sauna at the country club. The more she digs into the assorted Hamptons scandals, the more potential danger she could encounter. Besides, baby Carl has all but vanished—do we really need another baby to ignore?
Death Scale: Medium-High. Margaux hasn’t proven to be particularly interesting this year, and we could see Louise killing her and framing Daniel. But would the show kill a pregnant woman?

David: After coming back from the dead, David has been caught in all sorts of trouble, from lying about the time he was missing to committing crimes in Victoria’s name.
Why he could die: Well, Malcolm Black is after him, and we’ve seen that he has trouble defending himself (hence Emily hiding under Victoria’s hospital bed).
Death Scale: High-ish. The story of his return has been extremely polarizing, with the mystery falling flat and the storytelling coming off as haphazard. But would they really bring him back just to kill him again?

Charlotte: The blood link between the Graysons and Clarkes, Charlotte has the potential to be pivotal and important, but instead she’s generally just high and hysterical. And damaged.
Why she should die: Let’s face it, he poor girl has been kidnapped, addicted to drugs (twice), imprisoned in rehab by her pretend father, overdosed, threatened suicide, been blackmailed with nude photos, miscarried, lost her would-be baby daddy and true love, murdered a guy and had her family life and childhood completely turned on its head. Add that she hasn’t appeared on the show for three episodes, and isn’t death a foregone conclusion?
Death Scale: High. Let’s get this over with. Please?

Okay, folks—your turn. Who do you think dies in this weekend’s Revenge midseason finale? Vote in the poll below, and share your theories on Facebook, Twitter and in the comments below.

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