The Hamptons Needs a Wikipedia Makeover

The Hamptons needs a Wikipedia makeover
The Hamptons needs a Wikipedia makeover! Photo: Oliver Peterson, Ljupco/iStock/Thinkstock, Timothy White/E!

The Hamptons needs a Wikipedia makeover and it needs it now.

I recently looked up the Hamptons on Wikipedia and was appalled by what I found.

You have heard it said over and over again, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” Despite this warning, the web is my go-to place when I need information on various subjects, and Wikipedia is my go-to spot to find said information. This, of course, is true for most people.

No offense to Wikipedia, as they only publish information that is provided and confirmed, but their Hamptons entry is pretty bad. And certainly, there is more detailed information on our various towns, villages and hamlets if you seek them out specifically. However, like it or not, we are, more and more, being collectively recognized as “the Hamptons” and, consequently, that is how many people conduct their Wikipedia research.

Currently, Wikipedia does not accurately reflect the personality of our area. It’s unsettling that our local municipalities, chambers of commerce, hospitality companies and real estate agencies have not provided the site with more information to make the Hamptons more appealing and approachable.

The current description on Wikipedia is so basic and impaired that the only thing an outsider could ascertain is that this is an outrageously expensive place to live or visit.

I quote, “The Summer Colony’s residents include many of New York City’s affluent residents, as well as a number of affluent people from other nearby states [citation needed], executives, and increasingly, foreigners from Europe and South America.”

Amazingly, there is little else of substance except for a few mentions of a limited number of exclusive and expensive “amenities.”

The message is so one-sided, that mere millionaires could be intimidated to visit or buy a home in the Hamptons for fear they wouldn’t be wealthy enough to spend even a long weekend here.

How disconcerting that the Kardashians are included on the page, but not our vibrant and storied heritage. And why is there nothing about our abundant dining options? Where is their reference to the Hamptons International Film Festival? How about our vineyards and celebrated wines? Why is there no mention of the many landmarks including lighthouses, windmills, ports and beaches? What about being home to the first free resort newspaper (Dan’s Papers) on the East Coast?

Check it out for yourself. Then, if you agree with me and want to help, go to, click on “About Wikipedia,” then go to “Contributing to Wikipedia” and it will explain how to submit and support what should or should not be included on the site’s Hamptons page. It’s time we represent our area for what it is—a beautiful place, rich with history, where all types of people can find something to do.

Let us know what you think should be included on Wikipedia when it comes to the Hamptons.

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