Dan’s Papers Trivia Team Back in the Lead

Brendan, Scott, Brett, Dan K. and Stacy were victorious on February 29, 2015, at Townline BBQ Quiz Night.
Brendan, Scott, Brett, Dan K. and Stacy were victorious on February 29, 2015, at Townline BBQ Quiz Night.

The Dan’s Papers trivia team, Thursday Night AA, won the February 19 edition of Townline BBQ Quiz Night, adding another three points to our season total and putting us back in the lead for the Townline Trophy for Trivia Excellence.

Last season, we came up short in the race for the trophy, AKA the Golden Pig, but for the 2014-15 season we came in experienced and determined.

February 19 drew a large crowd, with 73 players, one of the biggest turnouts in quiz night history.

It opened with current events, and we excelled. We were one of just four teams to get 10 points, out of 16 teams. In the second round, we posted a paltry 7 points, but it was enough to give us the lead. We got 8 points in the third round and found ourselves tied for first with My Varona. Round four is always the activity round, and this week’s activity was identifying 10 celebrities by their lips.  Well, at least we thought they were all celebrities. Though Quizmaster Paul A. Johnson may argue otherwise, Townline BBQ bartender William Varona is not a celebrity on the same level as Kate Middleton, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, etc. We posted another 8 points in round four—we mistook William for Bradley Cooper—and were tied again, but this time with the Schmucks in the Corner. The fifth round, which was on the topic of Saturday Night Live in honor of SNL‘s 40th anniversary, came with the opportunity for a bonus point. And we nailed it. Adding 11 points to our total gave us a 3-point lead over both My Varona and The Schmucks in the Corner.

It was a nice lead, but the sixth and final round is the audio round, which can often be challenging—and a game changer. The topic was movie quotes. We did terribly, getting just five correct answers. But it was enough to maintain our lead! The Schmucks in the corner finished 1 point behind us to end in second place, and My Varona landed in third, just 2 points behind us.

Our February 19 win means we are a full 3 points ahead of the Spunky Brewsters, and 5 points ahead of Desiree in the race for the Golden Pig. Last year’s trophy winners, The Schmucks in the Corner (FKA My Dixie Wrecked) are 7 points behind us. This could be our year!

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