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French Presse.
French Presse.

Whether it’s a warm summer’s night or a cool winter’s eve, there are few things that bring us as much joy as plopping down on a cozy bed. New to the East End scene, fine linen service French Presse is hoping to bring that relaxing bliss to all Hamptonites, whether nestled on the East End or in their New York City pads.

Started by long-time East Hampton resident Sarah de Havenon, French Presse provides an at-home boutique custom linen service to simplify shopping needs. We spoke with de Havenon to find out more about what makes her linens unique, household essentials.

What is it about the Hamptons that you found appealing to start your business here?

My love affair with the Hamptons has lasted a lifetime. I have seen the inevitable changes that time brings. It’s the celebration of beauty that draws us all out here. The air, light, sun and ocean are the same everywhere. The Hamptons create a heightened sensory experience. French Presse is about facilitating a sensory experience for people who don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Can you tell us about your services?

We’re laser-focused on bedding—washing, pressing, packaging, selecting, supplying, renting and designing. We take pride in details. Once, a client requested napkins folded and pressed to specific dimensions. “Why not?” I said. It’s a custom service. In our truck, we have a supply of linen samples of items we stock, so if you’ve arrived in your summer home only to find you’re out of mattress pads and the pillows are foam, French Presse can deliver what you need in two days for stocked items and a little longer when special order. French Presse partners with our customers or can coordinate with caretakers, house managers or real estate agents directly to ensure every aspect runs smoothly.

Can you talk about your eco-friendly methods?

We use a fragrance free pH-balanced method that removes dirt and stains without the use of harsh agents. As a result, you will not put your luxury sheets at risk to the kind of yellowing produced by home laundering and bleach, but you will still have the softest and freshest results. French Presse also presses sheets when they are still damp and we try to lighten our environmental footprint by disposing of soaps responsibly and reducing the use of plastic in our packaging.

What do you think are linen essentials for every Hampton household?

1. A white linen duvet cover over a light-to-medium down insert is the ultimate in tactile and aesthetic bliss for a warm summer evening in the Hamptons. Plus, if you don’t have a staff, making your bed every morning is a breeze. 2. Hedge House Rolls are a great alternative to air mattresses for guests (but they don’t deflate!) 3. And, I would recommend Turkish towels [towels made of cotton terry toweling]. Use one towel for beach towel, wrap and pool. Plush thick towels take so much time and volume in the dryer. Housekeeping can become so much simpler with these. 4. A thin pillow, for guests with neck pain.

What are important things to bear in mind when picking out linens?

Ask yourself a number of questions: What’s the temperature of the room you sleep in? Do you run hot or cold? What about your partner? Allergies? Sensitivities? Who is making your bed? If you’re thinking of a linen line for your whole house, get a sample pillowcase and wash it. I have washed samples of all my house lines for my clients to feel. If you rent your home, can you keep a complete separate set for tenants?

What are care tips for linens?

1. Don’t over-dry your sheets. 2. Take them out of the dryer immediately and put them on your bed. This will help minimize the wrinkles. 3. If you are going to iron, pull the sheets out of the dryer when they are damp. 4. Instead of ironing the sheets, you can just iron the pillowcases. Don’t use softeners on your towels. 5. Store your alternate set of sheets in each bedroom in a drawer or between the mattress and the box spring.

French Presse is located at 49 Floyd Street, East Hampton. For more information, visit frenchpresse.com.

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