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Moore, Baldwin Call on Obama to Reject Keystone XL Pipeline

Montauk’s Julianne Moore and Amagansett’s Alec Baldwin—the Still Alice costars—are joining others in urging President Barack Obama to say no to the Keystone XL pipeline.

“The long and worthy fight over the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is at an end, and the time for a decision draws near,” a letter to the president begins. ” We appreciate your pending veto of the congressional bill, and we fully support an outright rejection of the permit.”

Actors, musicians, scientists, congressmen, activists and more have signed on to the letter, by, which organizes against climate change. writes, “Keystone XL is a proposed tar sands pipeline that would connect Alberta, Canada with Gulf Coast refineries that would carry 800,000 barrels per day of tar sands oil across the United States to be refined, exported and burned.

“Tar sands oil has a massive carbon footprint—sometimes requiring more energy to produce than it creates—and Keystone XL is the key to making burning that oil economically feasible.”

Obama vetoed a bill Tuesday that would have forced his hand on the Keystone XL pipeline. Because he issued a veto, he has more time to consider the proposal. He has not said what his ultimate decision will be.

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