Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger on Podcast

Tim Ferriss interviews Arnold Schwarzeneggerat the Governator's L.A. home
Tim Ferriss interviews Arnold Schwarzeneggerat the Governator’s L.A. home, Photo: Courtesy fourhourworkweek.com

East Hampton native, bestselling author and “4-Hour” lifestyle guru Tim Ferriss recently interviewed one of his lifelong heroes Arnold Schwarzenegger on his hit podcast The Tim Ferriss Show. The resulting conversation is a fun and enlightening look at the champion bodybuilder, international action film superstar and former California Governor.

In preparation for this huge opportunity, Ferriss says he looked to delve into topics that Schwarzenegger had not discussed at length in other interviews. Among those subjects: the art of psychological warfare (in bodybuilding and business) and how Schwarzenegger uses it to win; how, believe it or not, Twins became the actor’s most lucrative movie among blockbusters like Predator and Terminator; mailing cow testicles to politicians; how he made millions of dollars before his acting career took off (and bodybuilding wasn’t bringing in a lot of cash back then); how Schwarzenegger used meditation for one year to reset his brain; why he never lost his accent; and a whole lot more.

The Governator is remarkably candid during the in-depth, one-hour-and-17-minute interview, which Ferriss recorded sitting at Schwarzenegger’s kitchen table in Los Angeles.

You can hear the entire conversation for free on iTunes, and it’s well worth the listen. Listeners will come away knowing Schwarzenegger a whole lot better.

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