VIDEO: Colin Ambrose’s ‘From Seed to Plate’ Ushers Carrots to the Kitchen

Colin Ambrose of Estia's Little Kitchen
Colin Ambrose of Estia's Little Kitchen at the root tasting. Photo credit: Barbara Lassen

Colin Ambrose, the chef and owner of Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor, has debuted the first episode of his new online video series From Seed to Plate.

The first episode focuses on carrots and most of it was filmed at the Estia’s Little Kitchen Root Tasting in November 2014.

Ambrose asked East End farmers to plant carrots about two months before the tasting, giving just the right amount of time for the seeds to grow into plate-ready vegetables.

“I had an idea last fall to foster a rich dialogue between local farmers and chefs. I invited them to plant the same carrot seeds—Scarlet Nantes—in their soil at the same time (mid-August), and to share both crops with local chefs for a special tasting event at Estia’s. Farmers were also invited to grow a carrot variety of their own choosing concurrently,” Ambrose says. “The result was our ‘Carrot Palooza’ celebration event, our first in a series of root tastings, which will be followed this summer with the planting of beet seeds and will culminate in a beet tasting event this fall.”

Watch the 15-minute video below, featuring interviews with Scott Chaskey, Dale Haubrich, Marilee Foster, Jeff Negron, Joe Realmuto, Bryan Futerman, Cassandra Shupp, Todd Jacobs, Andrew Mahoney and Lizz Stanton.

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