Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 21: “Aftermath”

Carl is still brilliant in CA Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 Aftermath
Carl is still brilliant in CA, Photo: ABC, Perseomed/iStock/Thinkstock

After last week’s explosive finale, what more could possibly happen in the faux-Hamptons? Read on to find out…

Revenge, Season 4, Episode 21: “Aftermath”

Grayson Manor. The fire department rushes to stop the inferno as the house burns to the ground. Emily (Amanda) arrives, shocked, and is greeted by David, who’s relieved to see her. Emily confirms to a detective that the house was empty. Uh-oh. David hopes this is an accident and takes Emily back to the beach house.

The next morning, insta-love interest Tony makes breakfast as Nolan wakes up. Nolan wants to go for another round or two of lovin’ before they get going for the day, but Tony the saintly social worker has to get to work. After Tony heads to the shower, Nolan realizes Emily texted him a million times.

NYC. Margaux and Louise (new BFFs, I guess. Misery loves company!) wonder about the Grayson Manor fire and assume Victoria had nothing to do with it—until Margaux sees an envelope addressed to her with Vic’s handwriting.

Emily and Nolan assess the damage (aka a giant plot of land with some singed wood). Nolan’s surprised that Em’s not upset about the fire, but she reminds him Grayson Manor was never home. Besides, Emily’s got bigger things to worry about: Mason Treadwell. “Crazy Capote?!” Nolan gasps.

Suddenly, the firefighters yell that they’ve found a body. As Margaux and Louise read Victoria’s suicide note, a cop hands Emily a ring and she realizes it belongs to Victoria. Emily rushes to David to tell him Victoria is dead. Perfect-timing Ben enters with questions and says dental records confirm that the body is Vic’s. Being the crack detective, he wonders how Victoria bypassed security.

In California, Jack and Stevie lounge by the pool with Carl (shirtless Jack alert). Stevie is glad Jack has started anew, but Stevie looks at the news on her tablet and the two watch a video about Victoria. [Off-screen, Carl rolls his eyes at his family’s continued shock at the histrionics of the Hamptons and begins penning his tell-all memoir about the moronic goings-on since he was born. He’s a very smart baby.]

“Ding dong, the bitch is dead,” Nolan sighs. The two debrief on Victoria finally being out of their lives, and then Nolan tells Emily how happy he is with Tony. Famous last words, Nolan.

Emily meets with a disguised Mason in her car. The wannabe Oscar Wilde asks Emily how she feels having her house burned down. After exchanging barbs, Mason tells Emily that he wants his named cleared of killing Gordon Murphy before he himself becomes a “white-haired man.” She’d rather set him up with a new life, but he threatens to publish a book about her and gives her two days to clear his name before he goes to the authorities with info that could put her away for life.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 Mason Treadwell Meme
Photo: ABC

Jack calls Nolan to make sure Emily didn’t actually kill Victoria. Nolan assures him that’s not the case and hangs up when Emily walks in. Ems asks Nolan if they can make a paper trail to look like Conrad murdered Gordon Murphy. Meanwhile in Cali, Stevie reflects on the impact Victoria has had on her life (read: ruined it). Stevie admits that she overheard his convo with Nolan and is concerned. “I’m not going back to the Hamptons, there’s nothing for me there. Not anymore,” Jack assures his mom.

Emily meets with the US attorney and produces a box of evidence she claims to have found in the wreckage. Mason, who’s casually waiting outside, is excited to resume his life soon.

Meanwhile, Margaux and Louise have some red wine at Victoria’s and lament the situation. Louise says that she knows what suicidal tendencies look like, and Victoria didn’t have them. She’s almost skeptical, especially since Victoria had a manicure scheduled in her datebook for next week. Louise goes to the bathroom, but stops when she sees blood on the wall. The two Nancy Drews automatically deduce that this was no suicide at all—Victoria was murdered. Well, these gals are nothing if not reliable…

The Southampton Beach Club. Louise confronts Emily, who wants her to calm down. Emily calls Louise crazy and goes to leave, but the Suffolk County Police call Emily’s cell phone. She heads back to the beach house and tells David the cops are calling Victoria’s death a homicide. Sensing David is hiding something, she makes sure he’s not behind this. David lies and says he was on his boat. Hmm. Being suspected for murder or telling your daughter you have cancer—which is better?

At Nolan’s, Tony is in his bathing suit, reducing Noles to a stammering mess. He asks Tony to take a vacation with him. Tony happily accepts.

At the police station, Ben sits down to question Emily. “Do you really think I blew up my house to kill Victoria?” she asks her former beau. Ben is all business and asks for an alibi. She admits to going to the airport and missing Jack’s plane. Emily then tells Ben that Mason Treadwell can corroborate her alibi. “So a corpse is your alibi in the murder of your sworn enemy?” Ben asks with a sigh, suggesting Emily may want to give Jimmy Hoffa or Amelia Earhart a call, too. She leaves the interrogation room and runs into Jack, who explains that he was called back for questioning. Emily asks Jack why he didn’t say goodbye, and grabs his hand. “Goodbye, Amanda,” he says quietly. As Jack walks off, Emily hears the cops saying that Suffolk Memorial confirmed David’s alibi.

Nolan meets Tony at the beach club. Tony says his plans changed and he can’t go on vacation—a few years he ago he filed adoption papers and he just got a call from the agency about a baby. Nolan is supportive, but Tony gently breaks up with him because he needs to be a single dad for a while. Nolan is devastated but understands when Tony won’t reconsider. The two hug and say their goodbyes. Sad face.

Ben questions Jack, who reminds him that this inquiry could have been done over the phone. “I had nothing to do with Victoria Grayson’s death,” Jack assures Ben. “Isn’t this a conflict of interest?” he asks. Ben tells a shocked Jack that he and Emily broke up—Emily chose Jack. “You won,” Ben sighs. It just dawned on me that this character’s defining characteristic is his irrational jealousy toward Jack.

Emily meets David outside Suffolk Memorial. She confronts him about his cancer. David admits he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want her to hurt anymore. “You don’t have to protect me,” Emily says. After David explains that he has a good prognosis, the two hug it out.

Elsewhere, Margie and Loulou continue their own investigation into Victoria’s death. Margaux says she’s going to use every resource she has to make things right.

Mason calls Emily to thank her. His name’s been cleared, but he’s not going to help her. “Don’t hold your breath—unless you have a Victoria Grayson-level death wish,” he says when she asks to corroborate her story. He reveals that he was working with Victoria and that she has one final gift for Emily. Suddenly, a video pops up on Em’s phone. Victoria, in Grayson Manor, says her final act is to frame Emily for her murder. “Eternally yours, Victoria Grayson.” BOOM. The video is suddenly “deleted from the server” just as Ben and the cops arrive. As Emily is arrested, Jack appears. “I didn’t do it!” she screams as she’s hauled off…

Closing Thoughts: They took an entire episode to reveal what the audience had already deduced last week. Oh well. Next week it looks like we’ll see how Victoria managed to pull this one off. Could we be seeing White Gold again? Maybe she’s in on this, too. And there’s something off with Margaux and Louise. I think Margaux knows more than she’s saying.

Performer of the week: Carl
Takedown of the week: Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke

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