Alec Baldwin Adds CIA Director to Resume

Alec Baldwin in the trailer for Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation
Alec Baldwin in the trailer for Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

Amagansett resident and renaissance man Alec Baldwin will be performing in the new Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation film, in theaters later this month.

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie and starring Tom Cruise, this action spy film is the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible film series.

Baldwin will be playing the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency, which absorbs the Impossible Mission Force, so Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg’s characters are now working for him.

McQuarrie, he film’s director, recently revealed some small spoilers and an idea of what Baldwin’s character will be doing throughout the movie.

“Baldwin wants to bring Ethan Hunt in to make him answer for all the previous things he’s done in those [other Mission Impossible] movies. Alec perceives them as crimes and he’s determined to bring him in. Unfortunately he can’t find him!” McQuarrie says.

Baldwin is also supporting this year’s Dan’s Literary Prize and released a statement about the new Dan’s Papers $4,000 Emerging Young Writers Prize for Nonfiction.

“I think if anyone can bring together some of the greatest writers around today on behalf of recognizing new, emerging work and thus ‘restock the pond, to the benefit of all,’ that would be Dan. Dan and Dan’s Papers’ contributions to the art of writing and the craft of journalism are legendary. This competition is the latest effort in his stewardship of the written word.”

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation will be released July 31 in theaters everywhere. Watch the trailer featuring Baldwin below.

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