Dan Rattiner Holds Three Readings from New Book This Weekend

Dan Rattiner gave a sneak preview of his book
Dan Rattiner reads from In The Hamptons 4ever. Photo credit: Richard Lewin

Dan Rattiner, the founder and president of Dan’s Papers, will hold three readings this weekend across the Hamptons.

At each location, Rattiner will read a different chapter of his new book, In the Hamptons 4ever: Mostly True Tales from the East End. The collection of short stories is the fourth book in Rattiner’s In the Hamptons series.

Friday, August 21
Harbor Books, 20 Main Street, Sag Harbor

The 20-year journey of a large sculpture made by noted sculptor Jeff Parson in Cutchogue that involved one move to a new location and then at least four different plans to take to someplace else, which, in the end, resulted in nothing, except now the sculpture is gone.

Saturday, August 22
Daniel’s Lane, at the corner of Peters Pond Lane

This couple shocked the Hamptons 15 years ago by getting permission to build the largest private home in the United States here in Sagaponack. They completely cleared 56 acres of oceanfront farmland in Sagaponack and, over six years, built a forest within which sits an enormous palace of over 100,000 square feet. Like many people, I wondered what it was like inside, and one day, Mrs. Rennert, a gracious hostess, invited me to a party there and during that day among other things, took me and members of my family on a tour.

Sunday, August 23
Main Street, East Hampton

Back in the 1980s, a liberal from Greenwich Village opened a souvenir store on Main Street in East Hampton and put a six foot poster in the window of his shop depicting a full size 300 pound naked lady with the words THINK THIN as a caption. He told anyone who asked that it was designed to be put on a refrigerator door to deter midnight snacking. At this time, a group called the Ladies Village Improvement Society believed it was their duty to keep downtown neat, law abiding and free of scandal. They paid him a visit. What happened after that is told in this chapter.

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