Peconic Landing Welcomes Neurologist Dr. Caroline Gatewood

Caroline Gatewood MD
Caroline Gatewood MD

Neurology expert Dr. Caroline Gatewood has joined Peconic Landing’s medical staff as a consultant for the facility’s Memory Care Center.

The new position will allow Dr. Gatewood to assist in the development of individual patient care plans, as well as contribute to the overall program development.

Dr. Gatewood is well-experienced and, before joining Peconic Landing, held an extensive career as an educator and diagnostician. Since 2001, Dr. Gatewood has practiced as a private physician. Currently, she holds a position on Eastern Long Island Hospital’s board of trustees. Dr. Gatewood is also a former chair of medical affairs and quality assurance for the East End Health Alliance.

Originally, she attended the Medical College of Pennsylvania where she received her medical degree. Dr. Gatewood also finished her residency in neurology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

For six years, from 1996 to 2001, Dr. Gatewood served as assistant professor of clinical neurology at Stony Brook and up until 2002 worked at the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center where she stayed until 2002. Now she will serve on Peconic Landing’s quality assurance committee and will oversee and cultivate advancements in patient care.

“Not many communities have the opportunity to collaborate with a specialist of her proficiency,” Peconic Landing President/CEO Robert J. Syron said. “She will be an asset in providing our members with the best quality of care available.”

The new memory care center is expected to open May 2016. The structure will be 12,000 square feet and cost $9 million. The center will provide a comfortable, home-like environment for as many as 16 residents who are living with various mental disorders, including Alzheimer’s dementia. The building will be one of several new additions being constructed as part of the organization’s $44 million expansion.

Dr. Gatewood will offer patient appointments at Peconic Landing’s wellness center. Appointments will be open to the public the third and final Wednesdays of every month.

“I am very excited to be a part of the team that is going to offer a new paradigm of care for patients with memory disorders,” Dr. Gatewood said. “This center is going to be a model that others will undoubtedly emulate.”

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