Montauk Fire Department Says ‘House Numbers Save Lives’

The specs for ideal house numbers. Photo credit: Richard Lewin
The specs for ideal house numbers. Photo credit: Richard Lewin

The Montauk Fire Department, on behalf of all East Hampton fire departments, would like to address the important issue of having clear, legible house numbers on residences and businesses in our community. Every member of the Montauk Fire Department takes great pride in serving the citizens of, and visitors to, Montauk. As such we are called on to do the critical work as emergency first responders to residences and businesses, for a myriad of reasons: fires, ambulance calls, and chief investigations. We respond to these calls both in daylight and at night, so, having your house number prominently displayed, makes it more efficient for us to better serve you, the public.

Here are a few tips on making sure your house number is posted properly:

1. If you are not sure what your house number is, you can find it on the upper left corner of your tax bill. If you are renting, please contact your landlord for the number.

2. The minimum requirements for the posted numbers are: 4-inch tall numbers, each 0.5 inches wide. It is also important that the color of the number is in contrast to the background to which it is affixed.

3. It is preferable that the number (and name if you wish) be posted at the head of the driveway.

4. When you put your house number on your mailbox, please make sure that it is displayed on both sides.

5. If there are multiple houses on a private and/or urban renewal road, please be sure that the numbers of all the residences are posted at the head of the road.

6. Houses that are on private roads with privacy gates should post the numbers of all the residences that are inside the gated area.

Following these few basic steps will greatly assist us when we are responding to a location to investigate the possibility of a fire or medical emergency. Thank you in advance for making sure that your property is easily identifiable and accessible.

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