Stopping Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Photo credit: David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock

Nobody knows how to stop Donald Trump. The Republicans are baffled. The Democrats are baffled.

Last week, Trump once again said he had the answers to the Middle East problem and everybody else was stupid. But he didn’t know a Hezbollah from a Hamas and he had no idea who the Kurds were.

I know how to stop Donald Trump.

What the Republicans should do is persuade Evel Knievel to throw in his cowboy hat. He’d do it. He’s a full blown American hero, just like Donald. He’s not afraid of anything. He knows all the answers. He leaps across chasms and rows of automobiles on his motorcycle. He’s crashed and broken bones. But then he gets up. And he does all this wearing a goddamn superhero suit, complete with spangles and cape.

There’s a new movie about his life coming out. I watched the preview. He’s a handsome dude. At one point, he turns to the crowd and shouts “I don’t ASK for your respect, I DEMAND it.”

They scream that he has their support.

Get Evel Knievel to declare his candidacy as a Republican and, within 30 days, I guarantee you, at least half the crowds following Donald Trump will turn to lovable old Knievel who’s now, in his dotage, still not afraid of nothin.’   That splits the Donald vote. And so Donald can’t make it.

So Knievel died eight years ago at 69? Makes no difference.

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