Gosman’s, Pizza Village Win Montauk Fall Festival Chowder Contest

The chowder judges were hard at work
The Montauk Fall festival chowder judges hard at work. Photo credit: Richard Lewin

The 34th annual Montauk Fall Family Festival, sponsored by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce, has crowned the 2015 clam chowder kings.

Festival guests who purchased a mug from the chamber each got to try two varities of chowder, while a panel of judges rated the chowders and awarded winner.

In the red chowder division, Pizza Village came out on top. The best white chowder winner was Gosman’s Restaurant.

Here are all the top-rated chowders:

1st Place with 99 Points Pot #13 – Pizza Village
2nd Place with 93 Points Pot #18 – Swallow East
3rd Place with 82 Points Pot #1 – Gulf Coast Kitchen at MYC

1st Place with 117 Points Pot #11 – Gosmans
2nd Place with 105 Points Pot #15 – The Point Bar and Grill
Tied for 3rd Place with 104 Points Pot #2 – West Lake Fish House/Pot #16 – The Backyard Restaurant at Sole East

The official servers were ready for the 11 a.m. start
The official servers were ready for the 11 a.m. start. Photo credit: Richard Lewin
Remove the foil covers, and let's eat!
Remove the foil covers, and let’s eat! Photo credit: Richard Lewin


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