Hamptons Police Add Theater, Wine Cellar and Sauna to HQ

Hamptons Police Financial Officer Larry Laffer shows off the department's new wine cellar
Hamptons Police Financial Officer Larry Laffer shows off the department's new wine cellar, Photo: VladimirGerasimov, Bruno Monteny/iStock/Thinkstock

The Hamptons Police announced this week that, because of a change in the way the county allocates tax revenue, they would be receiving an unexpected windfall. They have not announced the precise amount that they will be receiving, but Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch informed reporters that the department anticipates the number will be in the “low seven figures.”

Hirsch noted that, because of their new financial circumstances, the Hamptons Police Department could move forward with “several projects that we have been anxious to implement for many years.” Among the initiatives Hirsch discussed are upgrades to the Hamptons Police Headquarters break room. “Right now, the TV in the break room is at least 10 years old,” he said. “We have a proposal, complete with budget numbers all worked out, to install a state-of-the-art theater system with tiered seating and surround-sound speaker system.”

Hirsch went on to detail further improvements to the headquarters.

“Currently, our officers make do with a microwave to reheat food they bring from home. Now we’ll have the resources to build-out the kitchen area with the kind of professional-grade appliances people in the Hamptons have come to expect.” He listed additional long-sought amenities the Hamptons Police expect to afford with the new funding, including a hot tub, sauna and massage room as well as a wine cellar to replace the current, outmoded bar. “The Hamptons Police management is very pleased to have these new resources to help us in our critical functions,” Hirsch said.

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