Jimmy Fallon Visits Kites of the Harbor in Hamptons

Jimmy Fallon poses with fans at Kites of the Harbor in Sag Harbor
Jimmy Fallon poses with fans at Kites of the Harbor in Sag Harbor, Photo: Instagram.com/kitesoftheharbor

Sagaponack resident and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon stopped by Kites of the Harbor in Sag Harbor last week and proved once again that, despite his growing fame, he is one of the most magnanimous celebrities in the Hamptons.

“He’s super nice,” Kites of the Harbor manager Morgan Brunner said, explaining a photo of Fallon posted Friday, October 9 on the store’s @kitesoftheharbor Instagram feed. Brunner noted that Fallon, who visited the store with his young niece and nephew, immediately shook his hand and said, “Nice to see you” before browsing. “He’s been in a bunch of other times,” Brunner added.

In the Instagram photo, Fallon poses with two customers wearing their just-purchased animal masks, a lion and a pug, which are quite popular at the shop.

“People were shocked,” Brunner said of Fallon’s generosity with fans. “He’s really good with customers…he doesn’t shy away from pictures,” the store manager continued, describing Fallon as “nice to everybody…he treats everyone like they are people he knows well.”

This year, Fallon granted impromptu interviews to News 12 and WEHM during day-off visits to Innersleeve Records and the Long Island Game Farm, respectively, and he signed books for fans at small local bookstore Harbor Books. In 2014 he gave an on-air shoutout to local tow trucker Elisha Osborn, who helped him out of an embarrassing jam, he posed for photos with staff at Fellingham’s in Southampton and even posted their napkin to his 30 million Twitter followers. He also posed for photos with several fans while sitting at The Beacon in Sag Harbor. And these are just a few of the moments we know about.

No wonder he was voted as Zillow’s most desirable celebrity neighbor in 2013 and 2014, and was named Entertainment Weekly‘s Entertainer of the Year in 2014.

Kites of the Harbor also recently had two Avengers from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man star Paul Rudd and Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr., visit within a week of each other. Read all about it here.

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