Join Dan Rattiner Saturday in Southampton for an ‘In the Hamptons 4Ever’ Reading

Dan Rattiner reads from "In the Hamptons 4Ever" at East Hampton Town Hall.
Dan Rattiner reads from In the Hamptons 4Ever. Photo credit: Richard Lewin

Dan’s Papers founder Dan Rattiner will continue his outdoor reading series on Saturday, October 17, when he presents a chapter from his new book, In the Hamptons 4Ever, in Southampton.

At 4 p.m., Rattiner will be at the Southampton Golf Range on the eastbound side of County Road 39 to read “Robert’s French Ice Cream.”

The chapter recounts a famous wooden ice cream stand that stood for many years between the driving range and the road. The owner, Robert Skrogen, began mixing up various new flavors and these flavors became a national sensation. Early one evening, a young woman, the only employee in the place and the only person on the premises, stood washing dishes in the sink. She was holding up an ice cream scoop when, suddenly, the entire ice cream stand vanished around her. What happened is the subject of this chapter.

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