Police Aided by Tell-Tale Hamptons Heart

Tell-Tale Heart
Photo: Acacia Lopez, bowie15, Cat_Chat/iStock/Thinkstock

Alerted by neighbors reporting suspicious screams in the middle of the night, three Hamptons Police Department officers entered a home on Saturday night to question a man who lives there.

According to the officers, the man, who has occupied the home for some time along with an elderly gentleman—the two occupants’ relationship remains unclear—began the interview very calmly. He told the officers that the screams the neighbors heard were his own—that he had been experiencing a nightmare.

The officers report that the man then ushered them into the older gentleman’s bedroom and offered them chairs, explaining the old man’s absence by saying that he was visiting in “the country.” They remained in the bedroom, seated and talking amicably. As the interview progressed, however, the officers noticed that the man slowly became more and more agitated.

They report that he began to jitter and seemed to be conscious of sounds coming from the floor—sounds inaudible to them. Finally, the man “went berserk” and began tearing up the floorboards of the room, revealing the dismembered corpse of the older gentleman hidden below the floor. The officers arrested the man on suspicion of murder.

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