Hilaria Baldwin Challenges Fans to Go 10 Days Without Sugar

Hilaria Baldwin is kicking sugar for 10 days
Hilaria Baldwin is kicking sugar for 10 days, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM, gustavofrazao/iStock/Thinkstock

Amagansett yoga master and mother of two Hilaria Baldwin asked her Instagram followers to join her in 10 days of sugar-free eating on Wednesday.

Baldwin posted a still from Dr. Sanjay Gupta‘s November 3 video on CNN.com, which features his interview with University of California, San Francisco’s Dr. Robert Lustig about the world’s sugar epidemic. The video was posted with Gupta’s article about Lustig’s research and the proven benefits of going 10 days without sugar.

“You up for it? Wanna try it with me?” Baldwin writes in the caption, adding, “It’s just 10 days out of your life and you will feel amazing (and probably lose a few pounds!)…it’s a commitment tho…sugar hides in tons of places: white bread, alcohol, sauces, breakfast cereals, yogurts, coffee drinks…so if you want to take my hand and go through this journey with me, write to me here. I’ll post healthy options and info for the next 10 days! Let’s do this.”

To start, Baldwin says sugar-free eating must begin with analysis. Following her first post on Wednesday, she asks all participants to write down an approximate list of everything they ate and drank in the last few days. “Don’t judge it. Just write it,” she adds and then prompts her fans to write down what they ate that morning and what they would eat that day and for the remaining 10 days.

Over the next 9 days of the challenge, Baldwin says she’ll continue posting tips and ideas on Instagram to help manage the difficulty of going without sugar, adding, “I really want to help you make a difference and feel amazing.”

To join Hilaria Baldwin’s 10 days without sugar, visit her Instagram account, where she’s creating daily motivational posts, ways to avoid temptation and examples of sugar-free meals.

A good example is her lunch today—a tasty looking mix of quinoa, egg, hummus and salad—and this thought: “Think about what you eat for the next 10 days and make choices that would be instagrammable?…if someone is watching, you are more likely to eat healthier options!”

Let us know how it goes.

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