Open Auditions Planned for ‘Sordid Lives’ in Southampton


Center Stage at Southampton Cultural Center will hold open auditions for performances of Del Shores’s Sordid Lives, on Monday, November 30, and Tuesday, December 1, at 6 p.m. in Southampton Cultural Center’s Levitas Center for the Arts.

Auditions begin promptly at these times. Late arrivals will be seen at the discretion of the directors. Readings from the script will occur.

Michael Disher and Joan Lyons direct.

Multiple performances are over three weekends January 14 through 31.

Sordid Lives has been called a “black comedy about white trash.” As three generations of a family in a small Texas town gather for a funeral after the death of the elderly family matriarch during a clandestine meeting in a seedy motel, we learn the hilarious, sad and trashy truth of this dysfunctional family. Some elements of the play come directly from Shores’s life. Sordid Lives is not only a stage play by was also a film and a short-lived TV series featuring notable celebrities and actors. The original play premiered in Los Angeles in 1996 and ultimately won 14 Drama-Logue Awards and has since become a cult classic.

The production is non-union and there is no pay.

Cast is a follows:

Bitsy Mae Harling- Local singer with a reputation

Ty Williamson – son of Latrelle, a closeted 20-something gay man who’s moved to Hollywood

Juanita Bartlett – Wardells’s short-term memory friend and hard smoking and drinking regular bar patron

Wardell “Bubba” Owens – GW’s friend and object of Brother Boy’s affection

G.W. Nethercott – Notela’s unfaithful husband who feels responsible for Peggy’s death

Odell Owens- Wardell’s brother who is scarred for life by a pig-bloating incident

Sissy Hickey – Petty’s younger sister who picked the wrong day to stop smoking

Notela Nethercott – Sissy’s neighbor, distraught wife of GW and best friend of LaVonda

Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram – a fan of women in country music who has been institutionalized for 23 years for being a cross-dressing gay man

Latrelle Williamson- Ty’s mother, Peggy’s daughter who is concerning primarily with keeping up appearances and is adverse to burying her mother in a mink stole in the heat of the summer

LaVonda DuPree- Peggy’s younger daughter, a free spirit and raucous best friend of Noleta

Dr. Eve Bolinger – A psychiatrist who wants to de-homosexualize Brother Boy so she can become famous and appear on Oprah

Peggy Ingram – The recently deceased sister of Sissy Hickey and mother of Latrelle, LaVonda and Brother Boy

For further information, contact Michael Disher at [email protected] or Joan Lyons at [email protected]

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