Alec Baldwin Condemns Tyson Foods for Animal Cruelty

Alec Baldwin speaks out against Tyson Foods
Alec Baldwin speaks out against Tyson Foods

Known for delivering laughs on shows like 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live, Amagansett’s Alec Baldwin says the animal abuses at Tyson Foods are no laughing matter. In a very disturbing video released by Mercy For Animals on Wednesday, December 9, Baldwin explains, “If you eat chicken from Tyson Foods, you may unknowingly be supporting some of the worst animal abuse,” adding, “Multiple recent undercover investigations by Mercy For Animals have exposed truly shocking cruelty to animals at Tyson Foods.”

The incredibly difficult to watch video goes on to show the deplorable conditions and horrific abuse and deaths chickens endure at Tyson Foods’ slaughterhouses. Baldwin, who narrates the video, says the company breeds birds to grow so fast they are in constant pain and their organs and bones cannot support their heavy bodies, “as a result, many die in agony from heart attacks and organ failure—others are in so much pain they can’t even walk.”

In another part of the video, Baldwin points out how chickens are beaten and abused with spiked clubs by sadistic workers at T & S Farm in Tennessee, a Tyson supplier for McDonald’s Chicken Mcnuggets. “The owners beat birds with spiked clubs, impaling them and dropping them into buckets to slowly die,” he says, also describing birds having their heads ripped off while they are still alive and conscious.

And these are just some of the upsetting examples of the abuses and cruelty documented in the video shot by brave whistleblowers at various Tyson facilities.

In their official statement, Mercy For Animals, notes, “As shocking as it is, horrific animal cruelty and neglect is just business as usual at Tyson Foods. There are no federal laws to protect chickens during their lives on factory farms, and most states specifically exclude chickens from anti-cruelty laws. This means Tyson Foods is able to routinely get away with torturing chickens in ways that disgust most people.”

But something can be done about it. “As the largest meat producer in the world, and a major chicken supplier to McDonald’s, KFC, Chick-fil-A and many others, Tyson has the power and responsibility to end the worst forms of animal abuse in its supply chain,” Baldwin says, directing viewers to “take action” at

Watch the video below at your own risk. It contains VERY disturbing images.

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