Enjoy the Best Cookies on the East End for National Cookie Day

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Every dessert in the book gets its own day, from doughnuts to cupcakes, and cookies are no exception. For National Cookie Day, December 4, we explore the Dan’s Best of the Best Cookie winners on the North Fork and in the Hamptons.

Tate’s Bake Shop (43 North Sea Road, Southampton; 631-283-9830, tatesbakeshop.com) is world famous for its cookies. Tom Selleck raved about them on The Rachael Ray Show, and he is just one of many in te Tate’s chorus. It’s no wonder Tate’s were voted the platinum best cookies in the Hamptons.

Ye Olde Bake Shop (17 Windmill Lane, Southampton; 631-283-6553) lives up to its name. Walking into this village bakery is like taking a step back in time. Also the platinum winner for best cupcakes, Ye Olde Bake Shop earned the cookie gold.

Blue Duck Bakery (30 Hampton Road, Southampton; 631-204-1701, blueduckbakerycafe.com) was founded in Southampton Village and has since expanded to Riverhead and Greenport. Their goods can be found at a number of retail establishments on the Twin Forks and further afield. Blue Duck raked in the silver award for its cookies.

Many Hamptons restaurants know that cookies make a great topper to a great meal, including Cafe Oso @ Southampton Inn (91 Hill St, Southampton; 631-283-1166, southamptoninn.com/dining) the bronze winner for best cookies on the South Fork.

Blue Duck Bakery (130 Front Street, Greenport; 631-333-2060 and East Main Street, Riverhead; 631-591-2710, blueduckbakerycafe.com) grabbed the platinum on the North Fork.

Jundas Pastry Crust & Crumbs (1612 Main Road, Jamesport; 631-722-4999, jundaspastry.com) was started in 2002 by Helen and Christopher Junda. Sold in store and by mail, their pie and pastries are well renowned. Their cookies snatched the gold on the North Fork.

Rachel Cronemeyer Cakes & Confections (516-816-3872, rachelcronemeyer.com) offers cakes and pastries to order, plus the silver cookies on the North Fork.

Stonewalls (967 Reeves Ave, Riverhead; 631-506-0777, stonewalls-restaurant.com) can top your lunch or dinner with the bronze best cookie.

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