Local Hero Shows Up Her Facebook Friends

local facebook hero
Local Facebook hero. Photo credit: opolja/iStock/Thinkstock

A lionhearted Hamptons woman is being lauded this week for her heroic act of re-sharing on Facebook a photo of a sad looking dog from somewhere in the United States with a caption that confirms the canine is being abused and only a share can save it.

When reached Wednesday, the local woman told reporters that while others would have “just kept scrolling” she liked and shared the photo, and also left a “thumbs down” emoji as a comment, to illustrate that she does not literally “like” animal abuse.

“I just hope I can inspire others to stand up against animal abuse—and click buttons on Facebook,” the woman said.

The act, which many people—in her imagination—are calling brave and selfless, is just one example of her generosity and thoughtfulness, she believes.

When pressed, the self-professed remarkable woman revealed that in recent weeks she gave “one prayer” for an amputee by liking a photo, and she gave “one support” to a child with a terminal disease by leaving a comment.

The local woman—who would volunteer at a local animal shelter or food pantry if she had the time, but she really doesn’t have the time, but she totally would if she had the time—said everyone should open their hearts more.

“If only more people would take the time to browse Facebook and interact with posts from out-of-state radio stations they have never heard of, the world would experience real positive change,” she said. “These downtrodden people and neglected animals need our prayers and our supports.”

As of press time, plans for a parade in the woman’s honor were rumored, but not confirmed.

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