Celebrity Look-Alike Cats and Dogs at Southampton Animal Shelter

Dan Haggerty and Lok Lok
Dan Haggerty and Lok Lok, Photo: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock, Southampton Animal Shelter

Southampton Animal Shelter is beginning to look more like the Hollywood Hills these days as celebrity look-alike cats and dogs fill its corridors. And despite their famous faces, all of these lovely canines and felines are currently available for adoption and looking for happy homes.

Dan Haggerty / Lok Lok (illustrated above)
Twelve-year-old chow/golden retriever mix Lok Lok is a wonderful reminder of his human doppelganger, late The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams actor Dan Haggerty, who died on January 15 of this year. In September of 2015, Lok Lok was surrendered to a New York City kill shelter. Just as Lok Lok was supposed to be enjoying the golden years of his life, he was abandoned because his owner “no longer had time” for him. When Lok Lok arrived at Southampton Animal Shelter, he was not able to walk or even stand, but today, he is walking, standing but he is, barking, playing and wagging his tail! He enjoys Red Creek Park, he loves watching the birds and snuggling with the staff—quickly earning him a spot as a shelter staff favorite! SASF will provide Lok Lok’s adopter with his medications and vet checkups for the duration of his life.

Editor’s Note: Lok Lok, aka “Dog” Haggerty, was adopted on January 21, 2016!

Benedict Cumberbatch and Pumpkin
Benedict Cumberbatch and Pumpkin, Photos: Southampton Animal Shelter, Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Thinkstock

Pumpkin / Benedict Cumberbatch
This 10-year-old orange domestic longhaired cat, Pumpkin, is a bit of a mystery—perhaps like the kind his celebrity look-alike Benedict Cumberbatch would solve while playing the titular character in his popular BBC series Sherlock. If Pumpkin is anything like his Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning double, he’ll be a unique and endlessly talented addition to his new forever home.

Chuck Norris and Mishu
Chuck Norris and Mishu, Photos: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM, Southampton Animal Shelter

Chuck Norris / Mishu
What could be better than a diminutive lhasa apso who’s a dead ringer for tough-as-nails actor and martial artist Chuck Norris? Eight-year-old Mishu came to Southampton Animal Shelter when his owner couldn’t care for him any longer. Most wouldn’t describe Norris—who fought Bruce Lee in Return of the Dragon and was the first Westerner in history to earn the 8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master rank in Tae Kwon Do—as a “sweetheart,” but Mishu that’s exactly how Southampton Animal Shelter describes Mishu. He ‘s a perfect dog for someone with sensitivities to dog hair and would do great in a quieter adult home, save for the occasional loud screening of Walker Texas Ranger.

Louis C.K. and Diamond
Louis C.K. and Diamond, Photos: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM, Southampton Animal Shelter

Louis C.K. / Diamond
These twin redheads, comedian Louis C.K. and his doggie look-alike Diamond, clearly have a lot in common—red hair, sweet brown eyes and furrowed brow—but while C.K. is all man, Diamond is a sweet, 7-year-old pit bull terrier is every bit a lady. And though C.K. is a consummate entertainer during his onstage standup act, he seems to share Diamond’s shyness in every day life. Of course, with a little time, Diamond opens up to friends, showing off her happy, silly and sarcastic side. Sounds like a certain Shelter Island funnyman, who, just like Diamond, could also be a fun and lovable friend.

Emma Stone and Nona
Emma Stone and Nona, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM, Southampton Animal Shelter

Emma Stone / Nona
Movie fans love Emma Stone for her good humor, good looks and piercing green eyes. Her feline look-alike and Southampton Animal Shelter’s very own green-eyed beauty, 15-year-old gray tiger Nona, may not be in films, but she’s an equally confident queen of her domain. A senior sweetie, Nona will add beauty and grace to any Hamptons home!

To adopt any of these celebrity look-alike cats or dogs, or to find a different four-legged friend, visit southamptonanimalshelter.com.

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