Sir Ivan Hosts Royal 60th Birthday Bash in Miami

Sir Ivan celebrates his 60th birthday with friends in Miami
Sir Ivan celebrates his 60th birthday with friends in Miami, Photo: Mitchell Zachs

Sir Ivan “Peaceman” Wilzig is well known for hosting lavish and debauched parties at his famous Castle in Water Mill, but the Hamptons’ favorite recording artist, philanthropist and superhero, left the cold behind in order to celebrate his 60th birthday in Miami—where much less clothing is required—on Monday. Held at the Nautilus Hotel in Miami, Sir Ivan’s latest champagne-fueled bash was another party not soon forgotten.

With over 600 guests and the party in full swing, Sir Ivan arrived in his “Peacemobile” stretch limousine—a purple and yellow ride covered in peace symbols, rainbows, iconic 60s hippy flower imagery and the slogan “Make Love Not War.” Decked out in one of his signature white silk custom peace cape-suit and a crown of gold and rubies, the birthday boy made a grand entrance, flanked by two gorgeous models body painted as lionesses and wearing only stiletto heels, black patent leather go-go shorts and spiked collars and leashes, which, of course, Sir Ivan held.

Moments after making this wild first impression, however, one of Ivan’s lionesses broke character and began making a scene, screaming, Daily News reports, that the 55-degree night had made her exposed, save for some paint, nipples stand uncomfortably at attention. “I’m not a slut!” the aspiring actress shouted, according to a Daily News source. Then her lioness tail got lost and she “had a complete and total meltdown.”

The miffed model ended up breaking free of her leash before security finally escorted her out of the club.

Party King Sir Ivan and a would-be Party Queen
Party King Sir Ivan and a would-be Party Queen, Photo: Mitchell Zachs

“You have to have a sense of humor in this life,” Sir Ivan told, taking the incident in stride on Wednesday. “Too many unexpected things go wrong no matter how well you plan, and you have to be able to adapt immediately to the crisis and improvise,” he added, noting, “As a performing artist I’m able to adjust.”

Following that eventful entrance, the party continued as planned. Sir Ivan oversaw the night’s festivities from a prominently placed royal throne, while various guests seated themselves on a second, “Party Queen” throne right next to his.

Before the night was finished, Sir Ivan walked around meeting guests and handing out DVDs of Sir Ivan: I Am Peaceman, a documentary about his life, as well as advance copies of his new album, Peaceman Shines, due for release on Tuesday, February 9..

The first single off Peaceman Shines is “Imagine,” a new version of John Lennon’s iconic song, produced by Grammy Award winner Omar Okram and legendary music arranger Peter Rafelson.

Sir Ivan's birthday thrones
Sir Ivan’s birthday thrones, Photo: Mitchell Zachs

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