Dan Rattiner Listed Among 2020 Presidential Candidates

Vote for Dan Rattiner in 2020!
Vote for Dan Rattiner in 2020! Photo: bearsky23/iStock/Thinkstock

Let me make it perfectly clear that I am not officially working for the Dan Rattiner for President 2020 “Forward with Dan” campaign—yet.

When I read Dan’s announcement in 2015 that he would be throwing his hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential election, I was skeptical. Could a battle-worn newspaper veteran from the East End really earn the title of POTUS?

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To convince myself otherwise, I even held a focus group, the results of which were published on this very website. Still, I remained doubtful.

Now in the midst of what is turning out to be a brutal election year, I can see there is hope for the cause. It is possible that given the fickleness of the populous, the next president, whoever it turns out to be, might just be a one-term-and-done thing.

To my amazement, it would appear that the other 2020 candidates who have made announcements have little or no chance of beating Dan at the polls.

In fact, Wikipedia now officially cites Dan Rattiner, along with Adam Kokesh and Kanye West in their quest to become president in 2020.

I encourage you to google “United States presidential election, 2020” and scroll down to third party, independent and unaffiliated candidates, where you will read the following:

American Journalist Dan Rattiner has made his announcement regarding the 2020 presidential election stating that he wanted to announce early to begin a 5-year fundraiser and that he is running because he is convinced whoever wins will harm the nation. He said in his running statement that he is running: “…on a platform of peace, prosperity, harmony, the sanctity of individual freedom, the respect of law and order…”

This seems pretty smart to me.

In the same Wikipedia section you will note that Adam Kokesh’s platform is “to peacefully dissolve the entire federal government over a four year period.”

This isn’t going to fly with the American people, so Dan should have no problem mopping the floor with this pretender.

On the other hand, Kanye West has not announced his platform. Perhaps it will be revealed in a future song? However, despite the fact that Kanye is popular, his recent tweet revealed that he is $53 million dollars in personal debt. This makes me wonder if he has the financial capacity to launch a serious campaign against Dan and his bevy of wealthy East End donors.

Dan understands that the most important part of any successful campaign is exposure. And with Dan now having been included in Wikipedia, he is certainly well on his way to becoming a contender in 2020.

Note: In all fairness, though it does not carry the same cache as Wikipedia, another site, Bustle.com, lists Kanye West and 6 other potential contenders for 2020. All are stated to be “Type A Planners.” And yes, Dan Rattiner is listed on this site as well.

Want to join the campaign? Remember to use the hashtag #ForwardwithDan!

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