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Dan’s Takes Over Where Playboy Left Off

It appears that Dan’s Papers has figured a way to exploit an opportunity created by Playboy magazine’s decision to eliminate full nudes as of their March 2016 edition. The New York Times reported in October that 2015 that Hugh Hefner, 89 years old at the time and still listed as the Editor in Chief, agreed.

The decision for Playboy to do this was not so much a conscious one, because according to the Alliance for Audited Media, their circulation has fallen from 5.6 million in 1975 to around 800,000 today.

The reason for Playboy’s decline is simple. Reading it (OK, looking at the pictures) is no longer taboo. The average Joe (or Jane) can now go to his nearest electronic device and find much more graphic depictions in less than five seconds.

So, Dan’s Papers is stepping in to fill the void. Known as innovators in the publishing arena, Dan’s Papers‘ February 12, 2016 cover features a nude illustration (shown below) by longtime Sag Harbor resident Reynold Ruffins. And may I say that I absolutely, 100 percent, hands down, without reservation, love it. “Honoring the Artist” writer Joan Baum (on p. 25 of the issue) describes Ruffins’ work as “vibrant and fanciful-exotic.”

February 12, 2016 Dan's Papers cover art by Reynold Ruffins
February 12, 2016 Dan’s Papers cover art by Reynold Ruffins

In my opinion, by featuring the work of this award-winning and highly celebrated artist, the Dan’s Papers staff has accomplished their obvious goal of getting readers’ attention. And if the cover gets someone who hasn’t read the paper before to pick up a copy and start reading, that person may find himself or herself engaged. And that is good for everyone, including Dan’s advertisers.

God created the body and it should be celebrated and showcased. Even if only in illustrations or paintings. I think Dan’s should feature more nudes. Nudes at least once per monthly cycle.

And Mr. Ruffins, thanks for your contribution. You can count on me to attend your next exhibition or opening.

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