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Rental Management and Concierge Service Is Essential for High End Hamptons Homes

With summer about to begin in the Hamptons, high end homeowners and renters should look toward rental management and concierge services to ensure deals run smoothly, stays are worry free and everyone involved has the most wonderful experience possible.

Here, Robbie Dockswell of the Hamptons’ premier rental home concierge, Summerready, explains what a rental management and concierge service does, and why using one is so important in this luxury market.

What are some of the most essential aspects of rental home management and concierge service in the Hamptons?
The rental home market is competitive and because of this there are many important details to consider. Appealing and impressive properties are what the renters are looking for whether they rent through a realtor, VRBO or Airbnb. The price range is wide, based on location, size and amenities—however, upon arrival renters should feel like they are entering a five-star property, no matter what the price or size. We have to ask ourselves – does the home project class and richness? A good service should remove all clutter, but what matters most is ensuring the house has everything one would need to live and entertain. Many renters want to cook for and entertain their friends, so it’s important to provide a detailed inventory list, defined by renters over time, explaining what they require personally and for entertaining.

What aspects of the guest experience are often overlooked by homeowners who don’t use a rental home management service?
It’s very important to have a professional greeter from the management team meet the renters upon arrival. At Summerready, for example, we do a detailed walk-through to tour the house and point out various nuances, review the home’s instruction guide, review inventory requests and ensure renters feel welcomed with a “wow” factor. When leaving, the renters and owners are put at ease knowing the property has been examined and its condition evaluated so deposits can be returned and cleanup services can be arranged. These are key benefits to using a rental home management service, especially since many find rentals online and owners usually don’t live in the area full-time.

How have the demands on rental home management services changed in the Hamptons over the years? What do renters now expect when they rent a high-end home?
Rental home management and concierge services have become prominent in the Hamptons. Summerready’s high-end clients have come to rely on having a detailed list of groceries delivered prior to arrival and throughout their stay. We also book dinner reservations along with other activities, such as boat charters, in-home massage, chefs and caterers, and fitness classes. A quality management and concierge staff should also keep current on all of the happenings around town in order to provide custom recommendations for events each client won’t want to miss. Our renters want 24-hour concierge service where someone is available to help accommodate all of their needs. It’s also crucial to make sure renters are 100% comfortable upon arrival—this is why we personally welcome each guest and make sure the house is stocked for entertaining with platters, high-end kitchen utensils and state of the art equipment.

What role can a rental home management service play in helping homes get rented for the right price? What other pre-rental roles can a rental property home management service provide?
Styling, de-cluttering, reorganizing and staging will all help a home get rented for the right price. Services like ours also assist owners with the permitting process when necessary. Pre-rental, we can also help with inventory issues by checking for necessary items such as bedding, select towels, beach equipment and more. Summerready offers packages for owners that will help set their property apart from others, and provides impressive services for the renters. Management and concierge companies should have a network of local businesses that become partners in providing excellent service. The ultimate goal is to make certain renters are happy and want to come back.

Robbie Dockswell of Summerready

Robbie Dockswell and Summerready offer rental concierge packages and a variety of custom services to exclusive clientele throughout the South Fork. To find out more, call Robbie at 631-268-6229, email or visit

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