Tips for Wedding Day Makeup on the East End

Wedding day makeup tips
How do brides achieve that coveted glow? Photo: FlairImages/iStock/Thinkstock

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Achieving a bridal glow that is both pronounced and natural takes experience, and many brides opt to hire a makeup artist to help them look flawless while walking down the aisle.

“Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with trendy colors,” says Cherise Loren, a freelance makeup artist based in Westhampton who has worked with brides to help them create their desired wedding day look. “You still want to look like yourself.”

Just like choosing a wedding dress and the overall feel of the event, picking the right wedding day makeup is an important decision. Loren suggests that brides always have a trial with a makeup artist before the big day, as experimenting with makeup beforehand will help a bride’s day-of prep go more smoothly.

At the trial, brides should try to mimic their wedding-day look as much as possible. For example, if a bride’s wedding day is during the summer, she should try her makeup out only after her skin has become as tanned as she anticipates it will be on her wedding day. Loren also recommends that the bride wear a shirt that mimics the color of her dress to her trial. “Makeup looks different with different colors,” explains Loren.

It’s also important to take a photo of your makeup at the trial, to give the bride a better impression of how her face will look in the hundreds of pictures taken that day.

When choosing makeup, always make sure to opt for long-lasting formulas. For MAC users, their pro long wear line is a great option. “You want makeup to be waterproof and smudge proof,” says Loren, as crying and celebratory hugs and kisses from guests are the norm on wedding days. If you want a bold lip color, Loren recommends a lip stain for coverage longevity.

Everyone wants flawless, glowing skin. Though each bride’s look is unique to her personal preferences, Loren sees a trend in brides asking her to use makeup highlight. But, brides should be careful as far as where they’re putting their highlights, and make sure to not go overboard. The top of your cheekbones and the top of the brow are best for highlights; from there, brides should go with what they’re used to.

On the day of your wedding, getting your makeup done can require up to 45 minutes, so a bride should allot enough time to get ready without feeling rushed. If your bridesmaids are getting their makeup done as well, it’s recommended that you choose two makeup artists, to cut down on the amount of time necessary. Loren cautions that bridesmaids should have a slightly different look than the bride, so as not to take away from her unique glow.

Loren also works with brides who request a natural look. The key to a natural look is the eyebrows—they should be lightly filled in and highlight the face. Next, to open up the eyes, use mascara and a very thin eyeliner line. The lips should be soft, in peachy pink or nude tones. And no contouring on the skin.

To prep for the wedding, Loren suggests that brides should stick to their normal routine. The night before the wedding and the morning of, don’t do anything out of the ordinary. Things like spray tans and waxing should be done in advance. If a bride wants to go the spray tan route, she should have a trial before the wedding as well, to ensure that the desired color is achieved.

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