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Hamptons-based “One More Time” Film Premieres April 8

One More Time, written and directed by Robert Edwards, opens in limited release and Video On Demand this Friday, April 8. The indie drama (originally named When I Live My Life Over Again) was filmed in the Hamptons last year and stars Christopher Walken and Amber Heard as Paul and Jude Lombard, a father and daughter that share a talent for music but have a very dysfunctional relationship. When aspiring rocker Jude runs out of money, she moves in with Paul in his Hamptons home, where she is forced to interact with Paul’s sixth wife Lucille (Ann Magnuson), golden child sister Corinne (Kelli Garner), her ex-crush-turned-brother-in-law Tim (Hamish Linklater) and her father’s manager Alan (Oliver Platt).

The film (using its original name) was featured at the Hamptons International Film Festival last year. One More Time will also premiere on Starz in the coming months. Check out the trailer below.

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