Montauk BeverageWorks Relaunches with Refreshed Product Line

Montauk BeverageWorks
Photo: Montauk BeverageWorks

After a five-year hiatus, Montauk BeverageWorks has made its return to the East End with refreshing, low-calorie, low-sugar, all natural teas.

Launched back in 2011 by Raymond Smyth, Montauk BeverageWorks was a big hit on the East End—perhaps a tad too big. Smyth had faced difficulty keeping up with the high demand of his product. He eventually had to close shop, not knowing if Montauk BeverageWorks would make a return. It wasn’t until earlier this year, when Smyth found the partner he had been waiting for, Michael White, that his company was brought back to life.

“[Smyth] was waiting for the right partner. At the time, he was doing everything by himself and he wanted to find a partner who would not only put up capital but would also help him make the product,” White says.

This past February, the Montauk BeverageWorks Facebook page posted a simple teaser—“Stay Tuned”— letting the world know that they would return to shelves in the very near future. Anticipation began building from there.

Officially relaunching just two weeks ago, Montauk BeverageWorks products can already be found in 40 stores on the North Fork, South Fork and across Suffolk County. They have yet to breach Nassau County, but the company already has a number of stores in New York City eager to carry their product.

“We’re aiming to have our product down to the east coast of Florida by the end of the year,” White says.

The Montauk BeverageWorks lineup—featuring Iced Citrus Black Tea, Red Berry Hibiscus, Half and Half Iced Tea-Lemonade, White Tea with Peach, and the classic Lemonade—will be cooling off East End locals and visitors for the summer season, with half the unnecessary sugar.

“Depending on the drink, it can have from 4–30 grams of sugar. We try to get half or less than half the amount of sugar of other drinks. We also don’t use corn syrup,” White explains.

With Montauk BeverageWorks spreading like wildfire, the company is still brainstorming new ideas for flavors. Currently in the works: an iced tea energy drink and green tea with honey, and more are on the way.

Keep an eye out for Montauk BeverageWorks in your local delis, pizzerias, convenience stores and supermarkets in the months to come, and visit their Facebook page for updates.

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