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Shelter Island Cricket Club Returns for 2016 Tie-Breaker

On Saturday, July 30, the Shelter Island Cricket Club will be holding their fifth annual cricket match in support of the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation, and 2016 marks an important tie-breaking year against their annual opponent.

Formed in 2012 by David Shillingford and Gareth Jones, the club’s mission has been dedicated to financially supporting the Shelter Island Ambulance Corps. Playing just one match per year, the Cricket Club’s annual game has garnered generous donations from local families and businesses, all of which go towards recruiting, training and maintaining volunteers, and acquiring new, state-of-the-art equipment and ambulances, which go to serve the Island’s 2,400 year-round residents and its 10,000 residents in the summer season.

Last year’s match saw the support of more than 300 spectators, earning over $15,000 on that day alone, amounting to an incredible total of $65,000 in donations. The Shelter Island team lost for the second year in a row to their rivals, The Rest of the World—a team comprising players from all over the East Coast and several foreign countries—leaving the annual cricket “series” in a 2-2 tie between Shelter Island and The Rest of the World since they began playing four years ago. Despite the loss, the game was deemed a success with the donations raised.

As of now, this year’s tie-breaking match has accumulated more than $60,000 in donations from local families and businesses—already coming close to breaking the amount raised last year.

The match will be held at the field next to the Shelter Island Boatyard, with food and drinks provided by SALT Waterfront Bar & Grill of Shelter Island and tents donated by Shelter Island Party Rental, making the event a true community effort.

For additional information or to make a donation, visit the Shelter Island Cricket Club’s website at

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