Bravo Begins Filming ‘Summer House’ Reality TV Show in Montauk

Call it hunch, but we expect Bravo's "Summer House" to look and feel a bit like this
Call it hunch, but we expect Bravo’s “Summer House” to look and feel a bit like this, Photo: Victoria Lipov, Nikola Nikolovski, Eugenio Marongiu/123RF

Last month, Bravo announced a lineup of six new unscripted shows. Old news, except now it seems that Montauk is the network’s sacrificial lamb.

Bravo has pitched one of their latest shows, Summer House (working title), as follows:

“For years this group of friends has spent their weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day in one of the most exclusive beach areas on the East Coast. These professionals may keep it together during the week, but as soon as they hit the beach on the weekend, they let loose in a big, aspirational way that is exclusive to this high-end lifestyle.”

What sounds suspiciously like it could be a hipster version of the Jersey Shore cast with nine-to-fives (and maybe some shirts) is now a big source of concern for Montauk residents, who discovered last week that “one of the most exclusive beach areas in the East Coast” meant their own sleepy fishing village. A job posting on reads: “Seeking local PAs for a new Bravo show filming in Montauk this summer.”

Of course it’s possible the show will move west of Montauk during production, but Montaukers remain on edge. Their concerns are well-founded. The national perception of life at The End now rests in the hands of “this group of friends” and Bravo’s producers. If the whole show revolves around the idea of dramatically releasing workplace repression, “these professionals” will definitely not be on their best behavior. But if by “let loose in a big, aspirational way,” Bravo means they’ll be passing out business cards at a local benefit gala, would anyone really watch?

No word on the show’s premiere date, or who our new resident reality stars will be, but Page Six reports that the show will begin filming in Montauk this weekend, so we’ll know soon enough.

Keep an eye on local listings, and Montauk’s local bars and nightclubs, to find out more.

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