Hot Tubs Are Hot Again This Summer Season in the Hamptons

The Bullfrog
Bullfrog hot tub, Photo: Courtesy Islandia Pools

Those endless and carefree days and nights of summer in the Hamptons are upon us, and that means it’s time to find the perfect hot tub.

“A hot tub fits into everyday life. It’s the perfect place to relax,” says Joe Trentadue of Ocean Spray Hot Tubs and Saunas in Westhampton Beach.

Making a hot tub part of your summer plans is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones, as John J. Wysoczanski of Islandia Pools in Riverhead states. “People are looking for time with their family and friends, detached from technology.”

There are also a number of health benefits to be gained from the use of a hot tub. “Everybody’s looking for wellness,” remarks Trentadue. “If you have an injury, hydrotherapy is the way to go,” he says. Soaking in a hot tub releases endorphins, which are great for reducing stress, and also helps those suffering from arthritis, muscle and joint pains, and musculoskeletal disorders. Moving your joints in the hot water can restore and preserve flexibility and strength, and will help protect your joints from further damage.

Other benefits include improved coordination, endurance and ability to perform daily tasks, such as walking or writing, if you suffer from arthritis. The hot water aids circulation and blood flow by causing blood vessels to dilate, in turn making your heart pump more efficiently. Hot tubs can also benefit those with diabetes and insomnia. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine outlined the findings of a study of a group of patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Sitting in a hot tub improved blood sugar readings, sleep patterns and general wellbeing.

But what kind of hot tub should you get?

Trentadue recommends knowing how many people you’ll generally have in the hot tub and the location where you want your tub to be placed. “We offer a backyard console. It’s a good idea to get a professional eye as to placement,” he says.

Another good thing to know is what kind of tub you want. There are lounge style tubs as well as ones with upright seating. And definitely make sure you’re buying from a reputable dealer.

“There are technicians who’re certified. You should buy from someone knowledgeable, and who can service your hot tub,” says Wysoczanski. “We’ve been in business in the same location for over 30 years. We’re family-run and offer exceptional service to our customers and we pride ourselves on carrying the best products our industry offers. We’re always educating ourselves and our staff about what’s new in the pool and spa industry.”

As far as brands, Wysoczanski recommends Bullfrog. “They’re the most energy efficient, which means a lower cost to own and operate.” Wysoczanski explains that a Bullfrog offers more customizable options than most other hot tubs because of the personalized JetPack System. This system of different types of underwater jets is interchangeable, easy to upgrade or move to a different location in the tub. “With the system there’s less plumbing and fewer pipes for maximum performance,” he says.

For those with summer homes on the East End, Trentadue suggests purchasing the Connections Remote Monitoring System. This additional feature is similar to a home security system. “It tells you what’s going on with your hot tub while you’re away. If something is wrong you can get it fixed.” Wysoczanski mentions computerized controls, which give you the ability to monitor your hot tub from your smart phone. Other hot tub amenities include Bluetooth music systems and motorized lifts that help you easily remove the hot tub cover.

Don’t wait! Get started today finding the perfect hot tub for your fun-filled Hamptons summer.

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