Sperry Releases “Jaws” Themed Shoe Line

The new Jaws themed slip-ons from Sperry
The new Jaws themed slip-ons from Sperry, Photo: Courtesy Sperry

You’re in the shoe store and you are looking for a new, comfy shoe to wear. You peruse the aisles, examining different boat shoes and topsiders. Suddenly, Jaws music begins to play. It starts slow as you continue walking the aisle, but it begins to pick up pace. Suddenly you turn around and see a vicious pair of sneakers waiting to eat your feet!

For all of the movie fans out there, you’re in luck. Sperry has released an exclusive line of Jaws-inspired shoes for the 2016 summer season. The designs include men’s and women’s sneakers, top-siders and boat shoes featuring classic imagery from East Hampton resident Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film.

Mens Striper Slip-Ons with Jaws logo
Mens Striper Slip-Ons with Jaws logo, Photo: Courtesy Sperry

The women’s Jaws Seacoast Sneaker depicts a great white shark projecting out of soles of the shoe, ready to attack the buoy-like rawhide laces. The unisex Authentic Original Boat Shoes feature a art from the original Jaws’ movie poster, which reveals a shark lurking at the tongue of the shoe ready to chomp on the woman swimming above. The blood red lining of the shoe is connected to a cork board-like sole that reveals a ripped label stating, “No Swimming, Hazardous Area, Beach Closed,” as declared by Amity P.D. in the movie.

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Womens Seacoast Shark sneaker
Womens Seacoast Shark sneaker, Photo: Courtesy Sperry

The shoe’s looming fear and anticipation will leave you chomping down on the boardwalk, ultimately allowing it and others in the new line to attack your shopping cart.

Shoppers should be on the watch for this special collection. It’s often claimed that the original Jaws story is based on East End beaches and characters. Most notably, shark hunter Quint is strikingly similar to Montauk legend Frank “Monster Man” Mundus, who famously caught a 3,427-pound great white shark—the biggest fish ever landed on rod and reel.

Mens Striper CVO Navy sneakers
Mens Striper CVO Navy sneakers, Photo: Courtesy Sperry

Last year, a line of action figures was released as part of Jaws40th anniversary. The ReAction figures, released by Funko, included some recognizable characters, including Quint, Brody (played by late Hamptonite Roy Scheider), Hooper and two versions of the great white shark.

The Jaws shoe collection—which come complete with gorgeous boxes with movie poster art and the words, “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat,” along with bloodstained tissue paper and cards for Quint’s Shark Charter—has been released in shoe stores nationwide, or they can be found online at sperry.com/en/jaws. (scroll down for more images)

Mens Striper Shark Attack Slip-Ons
Mens Striper Shark Attack Slip-Ons, Photo: Courtesy Sperry
Womens Seacoast Water sneakers
Womens Seacoast Water sneakers, Photo: Courtesy Sperry
Womens Seacoast Jaws Logo sneakers
Womens Seacoast Jaws Logo sneakers, Photo: Courtesy Sperry
Mens A/O 2-Eye Shark Attack top-siders
Mens A/O 2-Eye Shark Attack top-siders, Photo: Courtesy Sperry

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