Adam Richman Endures 5 Legendary ‘Man v. Food’ Challenges

Adam Richman tackles the B3 burrito on "Man v. Food"
Adam Richman tackles the B3 burrito on “Man v. Food,” Photo: Travel Channel screencap

This year’s Dan’s GrillHampton host, Adam Richman, is known for lots of things in the culinary world, but none so great as his incredible gastronomic feats on four seasons of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food (one of those as Man v. Food Nation). We applaud Richman for moving on to bigger things, and losing 60 pounds in the process, but who doesn’t love revisiting all those wonderful eating challenges?

We’ve assembled five of our favorite Man v. Food challenges below. Watch them in good health, and don’t try this at home.

Now watch Adam eat!

B3 “Big Badass Burrito” – NASCAR Café at the Sahara Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
In Man v. Food Season 2, Adam becomes one of only three people to take down this 6-pound, 2-foot, 5,000-calorie burrito in 90 minutes, earning him free rollercoaster rides for life.

The Suicide Six Wings Challenge –Buffalo Cantina, Brooklyn, NY
Adam returns to his hometown and finds redemption in a rematch with a failed spicy food challenge he attempted before his show even began. Achieving what only 10 others had at the time of this Season 2 episode, he plows through six Suicide Wings featuring a sauce made with jalapeño, serrano, chile de árbol and habanero peppers, along with some chili pepper extract.

The World’s Biggest Burger ChallengeMallie’s Sports Grill and Bar, Southgate, MI
Joined by 40 fellow eaters, attempt to conquer the “Absolutely Ridiculous Burger” in two hours. Unfortunately, the team came up short and was only able to finish 160 pounds before their time was up. This 2.5-foot-tall, 190-pound monster takes the Detroit area restaurant 22 hours to cook and usually requires three people to flip.

Stuffed Pizza ChallengeRandy’s Wooster Street Pizza Shop, Hartford, CT
Adam and his partner must take down a stuffed pizza pie made with four pizza doughs and packed with meats, cheeses and veggies in under an hour. In more than 440 attempts, only two teams had managed to devour the 10-plus-pound beast, but that didn’t deter our future GrillHampton host and his pal, who finished it with one second left on the clock. As stipulated by the rules, the successful duo got their meal for free and their names on Randy’s Wall of Fame.

Chili Dog ChallengeRoast Grill, Raleigh, NC
In this record-breaking challenge, Adam guzzles down 17 hotdogs with mustard and homemade chili in under an hour. Completing the challenge in around half the alotted time, and becoming the new record holder, Adam was given the honor of renaming the challenge. And thus, the “Hot Dogger Eating Challenge” became the “Man v. Food Hot Dog Challenge.” Of course the previous winner took his title and the old name back, eating 18 hot dogs in 23 minutes about two months later.

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