Five Tips for a Great Dan’s Taste of Summer Experience

Enjoying GrillHampton
Enjoying GrillHampton

Are you ready to have some foodie fun this weekend at Dan’s Taste of Two Forks and Dan’s GrillHampton? To make sure you have the best experience possible, we’ve come up with five simple tips to make your night even better.

Have a light lunch. GrillHampton and Taste of Two Forks are epic tasting events—there’s no way to leave with an empty stomach. So make sure you don’t spoil your appetite before you get to Fairview Farm at Mecox! With so many restaurants on display, there’s something for everyone, including wine and spirits.

Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking around a lot, and on soft ground, so wear shoes that won’t bother you all evening. Hamptonites don’t wear heels!

Don’t be shy. The restaurants at Dan’s GrillHampton and Taste of Two Forks are thrilled to be there and meet potential new patrons, so if you have a question or want to say hello to someone, go for it!

Try something new. If you’re a picky eater, this is the perfect chance to try something new. Thanks to tasting-sized portions, there’s no risk that your evening will be ruined because you ate something you didn’t like. And trust us—Dan’s Taste of Summer can make a foodie out of even the most apprehensive palate.

Take pictures and share them on Instagram and Twitter! Whether it’s a photo of you and your friends or your fave dish, share them and use #DansTOS #GrillHampton and #TasteofTwoForks to show the world your great Dan’s Taste of Summer experience.

Dan’s Taste of Summer kicks off with Dan’s GrillHampton hosted by Adam Richman on Friday, July 22 and continues on Saturday, July 23, with Dan’s Taste of Two Forks presented by Farrell Building Company hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli and Katie Lee, both on the waterfront at Fairview Farm at Mecox in Bridgehampton.

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