Stargazer in Trouble: Someone Needs to Step Up

Linda Scott's "Stargazer" sculpture needs our help in Manorville
Linda Scott's "Stargazer" sculpture needs our help in Manorville, Photo: Courtesy Linda Scott

Everyone who drives out to the eastern end of Long Island knows that when they reach the 50-foot-tall red “Stargazer” sculpture along the side of the road in Manorville, they can start to relax, kick off their shoes and begin to feel the wind in their hair and sand in their clothes. The sculpture has been there for 25 years. For a long time the Hampton Jitney helped the sculptor who sketched the idea, designed, built and made it, maintain it. But that woman, Linda Scott, died last year at the age of 77. And someone needs to step up to the plate.

Leading the effort to find the financial resources to do so is her partner in life, David Morris of Springs. As a mechanical engineer, he created the stainless steel armature inside the sculpture to keep it upright and safe. There is a steel base six feet underground to keep it stable. The steel above is clad in wood bracing and plywood and painted stucco. And it has survived winter after winter for all these years, along with three major hurricanes. The land it is on is farmland that is preserved, and the owner of that farm is happy to have it there.

All those who have enjoyed looking at “Stargazer” over all these years are being asked to make donations for its care. An endowment of $80,000 to $100,000 will do that. Persons interested can learn more about how it is to be saved by emailing [email protected], or visiting

It’s been here 25 years. The hope is to keep it here for the next hundred.

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