Be Prepared: Study Your Ballot Before the 2016 Election

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Everyone knows the big question on Tuesday is whether to vote for Donald Trump/Mike Pence or Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine for President of the United States. These candidates have very different visions for the future of America, and the 2016 election will in large part decide that future. (This, of course, is assuming no one is voting for Libertarian Gary “What Is Aleppo” Johnson/Bill Weld or Green Party candidate Jill Stein/Ajamu Baracka.)

But they’re not the only folks on the ballot. East Enders should make sure they’re prepared to select the right people for the other jobs up for grabs this year: U.S. Senator (NY), U.S. Representative (1st Congressional District, NY), NY State Senator (District 1), NY State Assembly Member (District 1), NY Supreme Court Justice (NY State Supreme Court – 10th District) x 2, Suffolk County Judge (Anthony Senft Jr. is the only one running) and Suffolk County Family Court Judge.

To find out who’s running for these positions, type “view my ballot” into Google and then add a home address. From there, one can click on the various candidates and get a bit more info on what each person is all about. Sure, it’s easy to vote the party line, but that’s not always in one’s best interest. Get the facts and, as they say, know before you go.

Here’s a shortcut to the View My Ballot page.

2016 ballot for the Hamptons
2016 ballot for the Hamptons

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