BritBox: An Interesting Alternative to Netflix and Hulu

Image: Courtesy BBC

BritBox is a new streaming service from media conglomerates BBC and ITV that brings British programming to the United States. Much of the content has never been available outside of its home country, and at $6.99 monthly, this new service shows a lot of promise. Shows that are currently airing are also available, often within a day of their original broadcast. Here are a few shows we’ve been watching that you might like.

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State of Play: This six-part political thriller is the source material for the 2009 film of the same name (which starred Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams and Ben Affleck). While investigating the murder of a teenage boy in a drug-related killing, as well as the seemingly accidental death of a young government researcher, a journalist (John Simm) and his colleagues (Kelly Macdonald and Bill Nighy) uncover a deep conspiracy within the British government.

Casualty: Never before available stateside, this medical drama is the longest-running medical drama in the world, having been on-air since 1986. The show is set in the fictional Holby City Hospital and focuses on the staff and patients of the Accident and Emergency Department.  Two seasons are currently available, including new episodes. The show has a spinoff, Holby City, that is also available on BritBox.

Emmerdale: British soap operas are a bit classier than their American counterparts. You won’t find characters being possessed by the devil, evil twins stealing their siblings’ lives or other over-the-top stunts (usually). Emmerdale is a daily, half-hour soap about a small farming community in the British countryside with charming characters, compelling interpersonal drama and down-to-earth warmth you don’t typically find in the likes of Days of Our Lives or General Hospital.

BritBox is available at You can watch on the website, or download iOS and Android apps. It’s also available on Apple TV and Roku.

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