Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous Adds Chefs to Hamptons Family Gatherings

Hamptons Fabulous' Michael Gotowala and chef JL
Hamptons Fabulous' Michael Gotowala and chef JL, Photo: Courtesy Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous

How nice would it be to dine and entertain fabulously outdoors with friends and family?

One could do this quite easily with an outdoor kitchen. The hottest trend is spending endless hours outdoors with loved ones conversing and preparing a fabulous meal to enjoy. The rewarding lifestyle of preparing and presenting fabulous food has evolved in the backyards of all types of homes.

A nicely organized and well-equipped outdoor kitchen with a favorite recipe is good. A luxury outdoor kitchen with a visiting chef to prepare a mouthwatering plate is even better. What a great honor and surprise to have a world-renowned chef come cook for you!

fabulous outdoor kitchen
Courtesy Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous

The art of designing and building luxury outdoor kitchens doesn’t stop at delivering and installing the appliances and products. It’s all about passionately creating a rewarding outdoor kitchen that celebrates the lifestyle of its owners.

Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous’s latest innovation to a one-stop luxury outdoor kitchen build is connecting homeowners with an excellent chef to complement their lifestyle. From Connecticut and New York all the way to Hawaii, Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous’s chefs are willing to come to a party and cook outdoors for homeowners and their guests. How cool is that?

Obviously, this has been happening for some time now with lots of affluent and successful people—A-listers and other celebrities enjoy this lifestyle by hiring personal and private chefs. Now this luxury is available to anyone. The newly introduced phenomenon brings incredibly talented chefs together with homeowners and their families to craft the perfect meal.

fabulous outdoor kitchen
Courtesy Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous

Having an Energized and Well Appointed Outdoor Kitchen Attracts Outdoor Dining and Snacking Any Time of the Day or Night.

Don’t let limited knowhow of what to cook on the grill or unwillingness to try keeping an outdoor kitchen out of your backyard. So much more than just grilling can be done outdoors.

Many American manufacturers have heated up the line of outdoor products and appliances allowing outdoor food to be fabulous from sunup to sundown. Multiple use heat sources, specialized burners, ovens, smokers and grill types can be designed into your own luxury kitchen to personalize ease in making your family’s favorite cuisine outside.

Open your appetite and invite family members and children to help prepare meals outdoors together. Let your kids cook breakfast with you outside. Equip part of your outdoor kitchen cooking station with appliances from companies such as ASADO, Teppanyaki, OFYR and EVO. Any one of these great flat-top griddle surfaces make outdoor food fabulous.

Bring out a plate of fresh fruit and top off your crepes or French toast. Offering oven-roasted potatoes and warm bread or muffins out of the hearth oven completes a great morning meal—and all can be prepared outdoors simultaneously.

Lunch menu choices and light fare can all be prepared and cooked outside in your own outdoor kitchen. Getting thirsty lying out by the pool? Design and build your outdoor kitchen corner nook with a super blender for banana smoothies. Crushed ice poured over protein drinks quench your urge just steps from the pool. Outdoor kitchens house many types of refrigerators, beverage coolers, kegs, icemakers and wine cabinets. All serve a great purpose when the sun is beaming down upon friends and family.

Someone brings a great bottle of wine to celebrate the moment and it would be nice to have a sorted space with the right chilling temperature for whites or reds. You can even have your own keg of beer to share with your personal outdoor steak and seafood fest.

fabulous outdoor kitchen
Courtesy Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous

Having a sit-up counter and comfy couch nearby the outdoor kitchen space is a great idea. Everyone loves to be nearby and it keeps all welcome and involved.

The mesmerizing, dancing flame of a fire feature will collect all guests and family members to converse nearby and snack on fine food offerings.

The difference between outdoor living with friends and family and living outdoors fabulously with your pals is by design. Perhaps it’s time to redefine your outdoor lifestyle and bring your family and friends out beyond the walls of your home by creating a luxury outdoor kitchen to celebrate the most important of life’s family moments and milestones.

Visit the Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous blog at outdoorkitchenblog.com for more outdoor kitchen inspiration.

“All our outdoor kitchens celebrates the lifestyle of the owners—that’s our signature to every outdoor kitchen we design and build.” – Michael Gotowala, Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous designer and founder of the Outdoor Kitchen Design Store. HamptonsFabulous.com – Outdoor Kitchens Designed with the Chef in Mind.

fabulous outdoor kitchen

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