Daniel Gonzalez & Raun Norquist Look Inside the Envelope at Art Groove

Six pieces of Envelope Art by Daniel Gonzalez
Six pieces of Envelope Art by Daniel Gonzalez

Partners in art, business and life, photographer Daniel Gonzalez and designer Raun Norquist are displaying something completely new and different from their combined artistic oeuvre at the Art Groove group show at Ashawagh Hall in Springs on Saturday and Sunday, April 15–16.

Their project on view, “Inside Story: Don’t Look Now,” takes a closer look inside the envelopes most open and close without a thought. Yes, we’ve all seen the patterns inside them—designed to keep prying eyes out—but is anyone really seeing them? Gonzalez and Norquist are doing just that, and now so will anyone enjoying Art Groove this weekend.

“Enveloped within envelopes is a treasure trove of graphics, a sort of Readymade,” the artists explain in their statement, which calls out to the Dada brilliance of Marcel Duchamp, who took everyday objects and presented them as art to show the wonder all around us and the importance of context. “They are special in their variety, but also because they have been specifically designed to impede, obscure and detour seeing,” they continue, adding, “For the most part we don’t “see” them—typically we just throw them away.”

The statement goes on to point out, “By opening these envelopes, turning them inside out, photographing and changing the scale, these graphics meant to keep you from seeing become an invitation to look, asserting an aspect of what is art—the premise: It is not what you are looking at, but rather how you look at it.”

Said just like a good Dadaist.

Along with Gonzalez and Norquist, the seventh annual Art Groove features 12 more excellent regional artists, including Barbara Bilotta, Cynthia Sobel, Joyce Riamondo, Nadine Daskaloff, Anahi DeCanio, Gerry Gilberti, Frank Latorre, Geralyne Lewandowski, Lewis Zacks, Ursula Thomas, Charles Waller and Hans Van de Bovenkamp.

The show, at Ashawagh Hall in Springs (780 Springs Fireplace Road) offers live music, a projection-mapped motion graphics video called “Reboot & Redress” by John Jinks projected outside, and a DJ dance party. The opening reception is Saturday, April 15 from 6–11 p.m. with a special musical performance by Frank Latorre and the King Bees at 7 p.m.

Doors are open from noon to 11 p.m. Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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