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Hamptons Real Estate By the Numbers: May 2017

Our sister site and monthly magazine, Behind the Hedges (, offers an index of Hamptons real estate by the numbers for May 2017. Read these tidbits and factoids, and feel satisfied knowing a little bit more than most about East End properties, history and more. Or, store them deep in your brain now and impress friends and colleagues at cocktail parties later.

Largest estate currently for sale in East Hampton: 23 acres  

Cost: $39 million

Largest estate currently for sale in Southampton: 15 acres    

Cost: $58 million

Acres of largest estate in the Hamptons, 1917—Bayberry Land, Southampton: 314 

Acres of largest estate in the Hamptons, 2017—Fair Field, Sagaponack: 63

2017 sales price of John McEnroe’s Southampton estate: $12,500,000

Earnings during John McEnroe’s pro tennis career: $12,552,132

Number of antique windmills in the Hamptons: 11

Number of new wind turbines to be built south of Montauk: 15

Years Hildreth’s Home Goods—the oldest department store in America—has been in business: 175

Years Pelletreau Silver Shop in Southampton—the oldest continuously open shop in the
Western Hemisphere—has been in business: 300

Long Island acres planted to vineyards in 1973: 17

Long Island acres planted to vineyards in 2017: 4,000+

Mansions built on Gin Lane between 1877 and 1927: 34

How many remain in 2017: 19

How many are for sale: 1

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